Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Pro Basic

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Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Pro Basic Electric Muscle Stimulator Kits 0.8kg 3 Gear 3200r/min Vibrating Home Gym
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Why do I feel sore after exercise?

After exercise, muscles are stiff and painful, and limbs are heavy and weak? The reason lies in the "fascia". The fascia is a soft tissue that wraps muscles, tandem bones and internal organs. Vigorous exercise or poor posture can cause fascia and muscle fracture and damage, resulting in sticky connections At the festival, "delayed muscle soreness" appears.

Deeply loosen the fascia
Completely release soreness

YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Pro Basic is able to penetrate into the texture and penetrate deep fascia through strong and powerful high-frequency vibration stimulation. It quickly disintegrates the lactic acid generated after exercise, relaxes tight and rigid muscle tissue, and combs the nodules of muscles and muscles While the muscles are sticking together, it will completely release the soreness and relieve fatigue and discomfort.

60W powerful motor
The thrill of excitement swept the whole body

The 60W high-power brushless motor brings a new level of powerful torque, and the powerful 106mN.m high torque makes the fascia gun have a surging power source. It impacts at a high speed of 3200 revolutions per minute, reaching the 12mm deep layer. Muscle groups, the majestic waves continue to impact the body, let the thrill of pleasure sweep through each muscle cell!

Engineering design
Superior performance without loss

The original dual-bearing transmission structure is equipped with a large motor with a smaller volume and a longer life. While ensuring powerful power, it can ensure the safe operation of the machine, greatly reduce wear and heat, achieve stable braking, and retractable, T-shaped surface Engineering design, construction of flexible side lines to reduce the bulky sense brought by the large motor, the performance is not reduced and more outstanding.

80 days efficient battery life
Stay with me for a long time

The long-lasting companionship comes from the powerful support of the 60W high-power motor. With the lithium battery of 2600mAh power, it is efficient and energy-saving. It also provides abundant and lasting power. It can be used for 10 minutes a day and can be used continuously for ≈80 days in the first gear mode. With the wireless handheld design, it can accompany you to charge and complete more challenges.

45dB low noise mute
Enjoy the moment of relaxation

YUNMAI massage fascia gun Pro Basic, equipped with WHISPERM noise reduction technology, the noise is only 45dB, just like a whisper on the ear, whether it is in a noisy gym or a quiet office, you can enjoy it, please boldly deliver your body to it, at Silently smashing tiredness and aching, the body and mind are immersed in a peaceful and relaxing time.

Minimalist appearance
Show Pioneer's sense of technology

Unique minimalist design, with high-precision technology, to create an integrated closed structure, hidden buttons and star gray fuselage integration, both sides of the fuselage dotted with Galaxy plating edge, highlight the sense of pioneering technology in the details.

3 levels of strength adjustment
Comfort is in your hands

Based on the theory of body muscle and bone stress, YUNMAI provides three scientific vibration modes of 1800-3200 rpm, which can be switched according to personal needs or body parts. Whether you relax muscles after exercise or daily soothing massage, you can find a suitable Own amplitude.

4 professional massage heads
Take care of every muscle group

In order to provide a more comfortable massage experience, YUNMAI uses soft and skin-friendly food-grade silicone, tailored for each body part 4 massage heads, unique honeycomb internal structure, provides cushioning protection, reduces damage to bones, professional instruction analysis teaching , It is convenient for users to grasp the correct operation and take care of every muscle group in the body.

10min efficient massage
Easily get rid of fatigue

Sitting at the desk for a long time makes the neck "pressure mountain"? Carrying heavy objects and feeling back pain? With YUNMAI massage fascia gun Pro Basic, everything is no longer troubled! 10 minutes of efficient and fast massage can get rid of your pain Fatigue and enjoy a comfortable moment of relaxation.

Intelligent shutdown protection
Give the body the most intimate care

In order to avoid prolonged massage on the same part and damage the muscles and bones, the Yunmal massage fascia gun Pro Basic is equipped with intelligent timing protection. It will automatically stop after ten minutes of continuous use to ensure human safety and give scientific and thoughtful protection.

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Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Pro Basic