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Baseus Square Line Capacitive Stylus Pen

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Baseus Stylus Pen for iPad Pencil Apple Pencil Active Stylus Touch Pen for iPad Pro Universal Tablet Pen for Samsung Tablet
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Baseus Square Line Capacitive Stylus Pen

1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Pen tip: 1.0mm
3. Battery: Lithium polymer battery 140mAh
4. Charging interface: Type-C
5. Charging specification: 5V/0.13A
6. Charging time: about 1 hour
7. Intelligent power saving: automatic shutdown in 5 minutes
8. Use time: 18 hours of continuous use when fully charged
9. Standby time: up to 1 year when fully charged and not turned on
10. Size: 180X9.6mm
11. Weight: 21g

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