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Black Shark 65W Fast Charger

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Original Black Shark 65W Type C PD fast charging charger + 6A data cable for Black Shark 3 / 3 Pro / 3S Compatible For Xiaomi Android Phone QC4.0 Charging Cable Power Adapter
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Black Shark 65W Fast Charger
PD fast charging head | Efficient flash charging | Smart adaptation | Double-sided plug-in | Safe and durable
65W ultra-fast flash charge, fast charge without worry
Support Black Shark mobile phone fast charging, charging power up to 65W, PD3.0, QC4 fast charging protocol blessing,
The charging voltage can be output adaptively according to equipment requirements. Powerful charging experience, charging while playing, worry-free battle and stability!
Level 6 energy efficiency standard, environmental protection and peace of mind
The power adapter complies with EPS energy efficiency standards such as DOE 6 (USA), CoC V5 Tier2 (EU);
Using smart chips, standby power consumption is less than 0.075W, higher conversion efficiency.
Multiple protections, safe travel
Multiple and thorough protection, the protection function is automatically turned on when charging, and every moment is safe.
Warm Tips:
1. The USB-A output port on the charger end is exclusively customized by Black Shark, and must be used with the Black Shark 6A fast charging Type-C data cable to support the PD protocol;
2. This product is compatible with 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 11V/6A, 20V/2.25A, 10V/6.2A;
3. This product is compatible with devices that support PD3.0 and QC protocols. To achieve 65W fast charging, the charger and the Black Shark 6A fast charging Type-C data cable must be used together;
4. For Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3PRO series mobile phones, you must use this product and the mobile phone standard data cable to achieve 65W ultra-fast flash charging;
5. This product can be used with Black Shark series mobile phones. It is recommended to use the Black Shark 6A fast charging Type-C data cable together. The specific current that can be passed depends on the input current limit of the mobile phone.
6. In order to avoid the incompatibility of individual social insurance due to agreements, etc., please contact customer service before purchasing.

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