Doc. Guang ZDEER Portable Rhinitis Laser Treatment Device


Xiaomi Youpin Doc. Guang ZDEER Portable Rhinitis Laser Treatment Instrument 650nm Portable Laser Therapy for Sinusitis Therapeutic Apparatus Machine

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Before order Please Note: It is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it] Thanks for your understanding!

Product name: Semiconductor laser treatment instrument
Product model: ZD-BY6N
Safety category: "3R" laser products
Safety classification: ‖Class internal power supply-B type
Treatment method: 650nm laser irradiation therapy
Laser wavelength: 650nm ± 20nm
Maximum output power of a single laser: 5mW ± 10%
Terminal laser output instability: ± 10%
Guangdong horizontal divergence angle:
The minimum value is 5°
Typical value is 9°
The maximum value is 123°
Guangdong vertical divergence angle:
The minimum value is 30°
Typical value is 36°
Maximum is 42
Timing range: 10min-60min adjustable, 10min interval
Display mode: LCD screen
Power supply: lithium battery
Battery voltage: DC3.7-4.2V
Input power: temperature -10°c~+40°c
Use environment: relative humidity 10%-1009%
Reminder: Same as the instructions
Package weight: 0.1320 kg
Package size: 10.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

Package Includes:
1 x Host,
1 x Nose Clip,
1 x USB Charging Cable,
1 x Manual,
5 x Nose Cap

Please Note:

1. The laser has high brightness. It is forbidden to observe the laser beam directly with eyes or through optical instruments.
2. Do not point the laser to the crowd when using it, and it is strictly forbidden to use the laser to direct the eyes of others.
3. People with light sensitivity and weak physique should use low power and shorten the use time, no more than 15 minutes each time, twice a day in the morning and evening.
4. It is forbidden for pregnant women, cancer patients, patients with internal hemorrhagic diseases, and metal implants in their bodies.

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Youpin Doc. Guang Portable Rhinitis Laser Treatment Device