Honor SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2 (Max 50W)

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● Up to 50W Wireless charging speed
● Intelligent opening and closing
● Smart compatibility
● Worry-free navigation
● Dual-port car charger
● 3D air cooling system
● 16-layer safety protection
● TÜV Rheinland safe fast-charge certification

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The Honor SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2 supports up to 50W charging speed and has dual smart sensors for convenient mounting and retrieval of your phone, giving you an optimized fast charging experience during your drive. The charger is equipped with dual USB ports so you can connect both the wireless car charger and a dashcam at once, powering two devices from a single cigarette lighter.

An all-new 3D air cooling system absorbs cool air from the surroundings to dissipate heat from the coils. It also cools the stand and your phone to prevent overheating and enhance charging performance. Air volume has been tripled from the previous generation, and the fan is now even quieter, giving you hassle-free and effective charging. The understated yet futuristic carbon black design, together with the sleek outline, adds a touch of fluid style to your car. The open base allows for wired charging, in case wireless charging is not supported on the phone.

The Honor SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2 comes with upgraded proximity sensors which automatically open and close the mounting arms, which come with a secure hook design that keeps your phone firmly in place, even on bumpy roads. Thanks to the specially designed power storage system, the mounting arms can be unlocked for up to 30 minutes after your vehicle is turned off.

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Honor SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2 (Max 50W)