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Huawei CM-H1 FreeBuds Wireless Headphones

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Huawei CM-H1 FreeBuds Wireless Headphones

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Model CM-H1
Color Black/White
Bluetooth V4.2
Bluetooth protocol A2DP 1.3 ,HFP1.6,HSP1.2, AVRCP
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Charging time approx. 1 hour
Battery 55mAh, Lithium ion button battery.
Indicator light  RGB LED tricolour light :1.Charging status indicate; 2. Charging box/battery life indicate; 
3.Charging box in low power; 4.Recover factory setings indicate.
Charging port via Charhing box Pogo Pin
Input 5V—1.1A
Pair key:  
  1.Use it in first time, press it in 2 seconds, charging box will be turned on;
  2.When the Headphone t is in the charging box, press pair key in 2-10 seconds, 
the headphone will be in the status of pairing;
  3.When the Headphone t is in the charging box, press pair key over 10 seconds, 
the headphone will recover factory settings.
Theoretical standby time about 40  hours
Noise reduction level ANR White noise > 25 dB, Hoth noise> 25 dB ,Traffic noise > 25dB, Wind noise WNR < 75 dB
Microphone Double silicon wheat, support talking uplink Noise reduction
Trumpet 1 Experience Balance Armature+ 1 DYNAMIC ( diameter 7mm)
Weight 5.6±0.5g
Operation Temperature -10℃~55 
Charging Temperature 0℃~45 
storage temperature  -40℃~70 
yeelight blue Technology  through SRRC, CE,FCC,BQB
In box 1x HUAWEI FreeBuds headset
  1x Charging box
  1x Type C charging cable
  1 set of ear support & earplugs (L/M/S/XS)-M is put on the headset
  1x Manual



1. For optimal performance, it is recommended to place the audio device in the right-hand pocket or right-arm pack.
2. Due to the human body signal interference, during the movement or large movement, the connection of the headphones may be interrupted, noise may occur, or the signal may be lost for a short time.
3. The transmission priority between the audio source and the right earphone unit is high. Under the interference of multiple Wi-Fi signals, the left earphone may be interrupted. It is recommended that the user should not interfere with the signal in other frequency bands such as 2.4Ghz. Use it to ensure the best wireless experience.
4. There may be a delay between the playback screen and the headphone sound signal on this unit.