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Huawei FreeBuds 2 Wireless Headphones

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Huawei CM-H2 FreeBuds 2 Wireless Headphones

Looking for authentic and experts’ reviews on Huawei freebuds? Collect everything from us which will surely help you decide something the best to suit your requirements. Talking about the same it looks beautiful with its appearance and concise offers ultimate sound quality and the packing for this new Huawei Freebuds headset comes with a black outline and quality.



Name HUAWEI CM-H2 FreeBuds 2
Type Wireless Bluetooth earphone
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth protocol A2DP 1.3; Hands-Free Profile (HFP)1.6 ; AVRCP
Effective frequency bandwidth 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Indicator In the Charging box: 1pcs RGB LED tricolour light :
  * indicate the status of earphone charging
  * indicate the status of earphone power
  * indicate the status of pairing
  * indicate the status of reset
  Out of the Charging box:4pcs LED light:
  * indicate the status of box charging
  * indicate the status of box power
Charging port  Type C USB
Funtions * Wireless binaural stereo headphones, Left and right earphone can work at the same time;
  * Low power consumption, long battery life;
  * Voice noise reduction;
  * Wireless charging (charging box);
  * Self-search and quickly pairing once open the box;
  * 13mm dynamic unit, half-in-ear headphones;
  * Smart Wearing test
  * Double-click handle
  * Dustproof and waterproof
Battery Min. 410mAh, Typical 420mAh
Power input 5V—1A
Button key Pairing key: 
  * To use it in first time, press pairing key in 4s, charging box will be turned on.
  * After the charging box is turned on, keep the earphone in the box, press pairing key over 2s, less 10s,
    eaphones enter the status of pairing
  * Put the earphone in the box, press pairing key in 10-16s, earphone can be Factory Reset.
  * Press paring key in 16s, charging box will be restart.
  * Press pairing key in 1-2s, indicate the status of box power.
Theoretical call time about 2.5 hours
Theoretical standby time When connected to a Bluetooth device at full power and enter to standby state, 
  non-wearing state can last for about 15 hours.
Theoretical charging time Maximum support for 3C charging current. It takes about 1 hour to be full.
Voice Quality * Transponders such as transmit/receive loudness, transmit/receive noise, transmit/receive frequency response, 
  transmit/receive distortion, and echo refer to narrowband call standard TIA-810B/broadband call standard TIA-920
  * Noise reduction level (environmental noise suppression performance (broadband/narrowband speech)
  * SNR:White noise:>25 dB
  * Hoth noise:>25 dB
  * Traffic noise:>25 dB
  * WNR: Wind noise:<75 dB
Microphone 2pcs MEMS microphone
Charging box size 50.5mm*45mm*24.5mm
Earphone size 43mm*18.6mm*16.5mm
Weight Charging box: 45g±1g; one earphone :4.1g±0.1g
In box 1 set of FreeBuds 2 / FreeBuds 2 Pro earphone
  1pcs Charging box
  1pcs Type C charging cable
  1pcs manual

Huawei Freebuds Review

The same headset uses a split-type design, which is an ideal solution for the Bluetooth headsets. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, this split-type design looks appealing and offers the most excellent experience to the users. Get the left and the right headsets and there won’t be any wire hanging between both earphones. Regarding the appearance of the headsets, it is something follows the trend and gives the compliment to the streamlined fashion design. In Huawei freebuds review, you better know about the performance is the sound of the same is decent but rarely exceptional. The sound quality is completely audible enough and they work very smooth, thus, you are not going to strain to hear the lyrics as well no discomfort at all.

With the same say NO to the wire, and it is very affordable and best to use. Surely, FreeBuds is the latest headset craze and Huawei freebuds are the best of all. They come up in a solid box of thick cardboard, which will be a book format shaped. It will consist of a pair of headphones and a charging case in foam rubber holders; get a tiny box with a set of ear cushions and spare silicone sealing rings. As well as a short USB-C cable will be there for charging and an accompanying easy to understand documentation. Overall, in the Huawei headphones review, the bottom-line is- it is very smooth with the smooth transition curve, best to use to listen to the music and to talk to the people easily.

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