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Huawei Honor AM04S Bluetooth Headset

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Huawei Honor AM04S Colortooth Series Bluetooth Headset Build-in Mic Handfree for All Smartphones
Honor AM04S Honor AM04S Honor AM04S Honor AM04S

Brand: Huawei Honor Colortooth AM04S Earphone 
Spread name: Colortooth 
Category: Bluetooth headset 
1, professional noise reduction, and enjoy clear sound anywhere;
2, intelligent "deep sleep" power saving mode, long standby;
3, can be pasted to your Bluetooth headset security of a fixed home base;
4, support A2DP music player;
5, support IOS power display;
6, support for simultaneous connection to two phones;
7, support vocal voice prompts;
8, support for voice control to answer or reject;
9, support double-click redial the last outgoing call
Battery capacity: 60mAh
Power input: 4.75V-5.25V / 1A 
Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.1 

1, function keys: Composite Power on / off, answer / reject / hang up, pairing / redial;
2, up / down volume key: increase / decrease the volume when playing music: on an up / down a 
switch, music pause / play function.
Transmission range: about 10m
Support music:Effective bandwidth of 100Hz-8K Hz
Charging Interface: Micro USB
Theory of talk time: > 5h
Standby time: =120 hours
Theory charging time: =2 hours
Call quality:
1, Send / Receive Loudness NB reference standard TIA-810B;
2, sending / receiving background noise NB reference standard TIA-810B;
3, send / receive frequency response NB reference standard TIA-810B; 
4, send / receive distortion NB reference standard TIA-810B;
5, echo loss NB reference standard TIA-810B;
6, noise level SNR white noise 12dB ~ 15dB, babble noise> 14 (single mic is not required) street noise> 15
Indicator: color light (red, blue)
Microphone: 1
Dimensions: 61.96 * 15.93 * 8.6mm
Weight: about 7.3g

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