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OriginalHuawei ST310-S1 1TB External Hard Drive

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Huawei ST310-S1 1TB External Hard Drive

The Huawei ST310-S1 was released following the launch of the new Mate 20 series. It has a circular shape with dimensions of 136 x 29mm and comes with a fabric-coated top. It looks like a wireless charger but it's a 1TB hard drive designed as a storage solution for your new smartphone. It can still charge smartphones though, through it's USB Type-C port.

   *  1TB storage
   *  USB Type-C (power supply port)
   *  USB Type-C (data port)
   *  5V2A, 9V2A Huawei fast charge
   *  5V4.5A Huawei super fast charge
   *  Water resistant
   *  136 x 29mm
   *  270 g

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