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Joyroom JR-A28 15W Ultra-thin Magsafe Wireless Fast Charger

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Joyroom JR-A28 15W Ultra-thin Magsafe Wireless Fast Charger
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15W Magnetic Wireless Charger

Full compatible withiphone 12 whole series 1.Ultra-thin 2.Accurate alignment 3.Indicator light

Automatic magnetic absorption

1.Built-in magnet design 2.Enhanced coil alignment 3.Efficient charging

Multiple scenarios for magnetic absorption

1.Once magnetize it close enough will fast charging 2.Move and play at any angle 3.Free to play at any time.even wwear earphones 4.Wireless port, unblocking while gaming

Compatible with all phone case still fast charging

Mobile phone case less than or equal to 6 mm can be quickly charged

Magnetic attraction is stable and does not fall off

Magnetic and anti-shaking, stable connected with charging device

15W high power speed up 200%

Supports 15W peak wireless charging.official PD protocol, charge your device at once

Stable charging& Full protection

Test with iPhone12 on constant frequency mode at the same time Joyroom Magnetic: Magnetic constantfrequency protection Market old wireless charger: lnaccurate alignment. awfully heat, easy to damage phone

Comparable with wire charging

Same official fixed frequency magnetHigh density pure copper induction coil, fast charging and harmless

Fast charging without hot

Low temperature magnetic fast charging.true Wireless and unblocking your hands

Automatic Power-off

Trickle charging protection after fully charged for battery health 1.lntelligent protection 2.No damage to battery

Less signal interference with 5G speed

Supports iPhone 12, 5G constant frequency and voltage regulation Anti-interference and magnetic fast charging

8 kinds of safe protection

Safety certification, 8 times intelligent protection. Security assurance 1.Overvoltage Protection 2.Magnetic field Protection 3.Overcharge Protection 4.Electrostatic Protection 5.Overdischarge Protection 6.Temperature Protection 7.Overpower Protection 8.Overcurrent Protection


Product packaging


1. Customized ultra-thin magnetic wireless fast charging for iPhone 12 
2. The magnetic wireless charging is automatically absorbed and precisely aligned, making the charging efficiency faster 
3. Support 5W/7.5W/10W/15W multiple modes of charging, smart fast charging will not damage the machine 
4. PC+ABS fireproof material, ultra-thin wireless fast charging with a thickness of only 6mm, light and easy to carry 
5. With 1 meter cable, you can move freely when charging, and play at any angle without restriction


Model: JR-A28 
Name: 15W ultra-thin magnetic wireless charger 
Color:white/black/ blue 
Material: PC+ABS fireproof material 
Product input: 5V/2.4A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A 
Product power: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W 
Product size: 60*6mm 
Packing size: 124*85*23mm 
Product net weight: 31g 
Product gross weight: 68g 
Accessories: 1*wireless charger/1*data cable 1m/1*instructions/1*warranty card

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