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E27 LED Music Light Lamp Bluetooth Bulb Speaker

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E27 LED Light Bulb Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Portable Music Subwoofer Loudspeaker MP3 Player For iPhone Mobile PC Tablet

To ensure the good result of the lighting and speaker, please adhere to the following terms before using it:
(1) Please avoid the severe blow
(2) Please be away Benzene, thinner other chemical drugs
(3) Please be away from intense magnetic field ,rain or wet environment
(4) Please avoid heating appliances
(5) Please do not disassemble, repair, reconstruction
(6) Please do not leave about the packing and the accessories
(7) Please do not arbitrarily discarded or set in fire, so as not to cause danger

Products Parameters:
Brand                         BB speaker
Product Model No         LM series
Product power rating    LED 3W, Power amplifier 3W
Product Size                50*L126 MM
Working Volt               AC110 - 240V
Working Frequency      50HZ
Luminous flux              400LM
LED Lighting Angle       270 Degree
Lamp specifications      E27
Bluetooth standard      Bluetooth V4.0
Face colors                  Gold, Blue, Red
Distance of blue tooth  ≤15M
Frequency range          2.4GHz
Bluetooth agreement    A2DPV1.2/AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3
Product material           Aluminum +Rare earth light
Range of temperature  (-40°)—(+80°)
Compatible devices       Smart phone、MID、laptop、iPad、iPhone、iPod touch、etc.
Applied range               home、mall、hotel、office etc
Colour temperature       Warm light:2700-3100K  Cold light: 5700-6300K
Product Component
(1)  BB speaker      1 piece
(2)  Manual/insurance card     1 piece/1 piece
Status of starting: connect with E27/220V power and turn on, LEDlight and Bluetooth speaker will be turned on.
Bluetooth  connect:
(1)  Open Bluetooth of Mobile equipment (cell phone, MID, PC etc),search Bluetooth named: “BB Speaker”.
(2) Manual operate to pair blue tooth and connected, warning tone sounds.(Usually no need put in password,if need password,put in “0000” or “1234”, then will be connected), low-tone warning tone sounds again when disconnect.
(3) Connected successfully devices,will be connected automatic directly next time.
Remark:One BB speaker only can pair one Bluetooth devices.     
Audio play:mobile devices connect with BB speaker,mobile devices can play music, radio, movie etc.Sound volume will be controlled by mobile devices.
Coming Call switch:When cell phone connect with BB speaker, coming call will disconnect audio play, and turn to call mode.
6. Frequently questions & solutions:
Failure to connect BB speaker
l Check BB speaker are still being searched. Or re-start BB speaker.
l Close other Bluetooth devices around. Many Bluetooth devices around may cause searching difficulty.
l Close BB speaker and wait for 10 seconds, then connect again.
Low or bad Volume
l Adjust the BB speakers’ volume.
l Check Work voltage stability.
Music has shock
l Bluetooth connecting distance is out of 15m. Or there are obstructions which affect BB speaker’s connecting.
It’s highly appreciated that you choose our BB speaker. To easily use the product, please read the manual carefully. It includes product introduction

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