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Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier

Product details 

Dimension: 410mm*260mm*205mm
Power line length:1.5m
Water pipe length: 1.2m
Rated voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 96W
Water press range:0.1-0.4Mpa

Large 400 gallon flo,RO purified water.
Purifies and dispenses purified RO drinking water, 
High 1.0l/min water flow, 1;1 super high water production rate
World's first integrated waterway ,no leakage
Compact size, 5 min easy instalation . 
Check rea-time water quality and fliter change reminder on your phones. 
Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier makes tap water drinkable with Reverse Osmosis (RO)! It's filter acuracy is up to 0.0001um.It’s super compact but dispenses 400 gallons in 1 day
Drink whenever you want, just as hygienic as bottled water. 
At the speed of 1.0l/Minutes filtration rate is 8 times faster than water dispenser.
Water saving, easy to install and no water leaking.
Easy to manage it on your Mi phone.You can check the water TDS value at real-time. 
Smaller than an A4 paper, it is a decoration both for your kitchen and your healthy life. 
Xiaomi Mi smart water purifier connect your smartphone via WiFi. you can get well-know about your drink water . 

APP Download Here:
Android app:  http://app.mi.com/detail/75542


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