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Nillkin 3D AP+ MAX Privacy Tempered Glass for iPhone XS

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NILLKIN 3D AP+ MAX Privacy Tempered Glass for iPhone XS

Japan imported AGC tempered glass, 4h high temperature tempering, hardness up to 9H. Scratch&drop resistant. Tested to withstand contact from items like keys and knives, and the damage caused by drops and impacts. Anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance coating tested to 9H pencil hardness keeps screen clean. High temperature and moisture resistant. Easy installation. Innovative clear and thin glass. Utilize the principle of refractive light to protect your privacy.

Made for:  iPhone X/XS
Material: Japan imported AGC glass
Technology: Heat bending
Function: Anti-explosion, anti-fingerprint, anti oil stain, anti glare, sensitive touch, 180°anti-peep, protect privacy