Respiratory Protection-Power Air Purifying Respirator

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DaYu Powered Air Purifying Respirators

When comfort is designed into respiratory protection products, workers can focus on the work and not the PPE. The Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is engineered for versatility and customization, so safety managers can build the system that works for their employees. Choose from a wide range of headgear, breathing tubes and blower units to customize a PAPR solution that works for your environments.

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*This product has no welding protection function.

*This product is not used for fire protection and is not suitable for use in various IDLH environments:

  1. Anoxic environments or likely-anoxic environments;
  2. Environments with unknown pollution types;
  3. Environments with unknown pollution concentration;
  4. Environments where the pollution concentration exceeds the IDLH concentration.

(See Appendix B in GB/T 18664-2002 for IDLH concentration)

*This product is not suitable for use in burning or explosive environments.

*This product is not allowed to be used in inflammable and explosive environments unless it is specially marked with the model conforming to the intrinsically-safe explosion-proof standards.


This PAPR consists of power air main machine, filter element, respiratory catheter and positive pressure helmet type face mask; the auxiliary accessories include power adapter and battery charging base.

Names of main operating parts: (As shown in the figure on the right)

  1. Helmet
  2. Helmet lenses
  3. Helmet air duct plug
  4. Headband elastic adjuster
  5. Face sealing curtain
  6. Upper catheter socket
  7. Respiratory catheter
  8. Lower catheter plug
  9. Fan catheter socket
  10. Battery capacity Indicator light
  11. Air volume indicator light
  12. Air volume selection key
  13. Power switch
  14. Filter core facecover
  15. Filter coreface cover opening button
  16. Filter coreobservation window
  17. Battery mounting and dismountingbutton
  18. Battery
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Respiratory Protection-Power Air Purifying Respirator