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Xiaomi Meavon Smart Double Mode Fascia Gun

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Xiaomi Youpin Meavon 3200r/min Smart Double Mode Fascia Gun Muscle Vibration Relaxer Fitness Impact Electric muscle massage Gun
  • Only Fascia Gun
  • Add Charging base - +$30.00

Xiaomi Youpin Meavon 3200r/min Body Massager Electric Smart Double Mode Fascia Gun Silicone Head Deep Massage For Home Gym

MeavonSmart Double Mode Fascia Gun
Exercise Relaxation, Home Massage

5-Speed Dual Mode,From Shallow To Deep,Intelligent Massage | 84 Days Endurance
3200 Rpm Surging Power   | 10mm Straight To The Deep Muscles

45dB Low Noise And Mute   |  Innovative Charging Base  Innovative Massage Experience Soothing
Exercise or poor posture will cause it to break and damage, resulting in muscle pain and weakness. The Meavon intelligent dual-mode fascia gun is stimulated by powerful and high-frequency vibrations Deep in the muscles, it promotes blood circulation, relaxes the stiff and tense muscle groups 5 Block Smart Dual Mode providing 1800-3200 revolutions per minute, a total of 5 strength gears, with intelligent electronic control interactive system, automatic adjustment of vibration requency and strength

Intelligent Massage Mode
you can choose the intelligent massage mode. The master massage technique gradually increases the intensity from shallow to deep, gradually relaxing the sore muscles.

1 -Block Soothing And Relaxing
2-Block Deep Massage

1_05 Professional Fitness Mode
Choose a professional fitness mode after exercise to relax tense muscles, which can effectively prevent muscle and muscle adhesion, eliminate accumulated lactic acid, drive away sore fatigue, greatly shorten the recovery time after exercise, wake up muscle vitality.

Mode1:1800 Rpm/min  Muscle Activation
Mode2:2400Rpm/minFascia Relaxation
Mode3:3200Rpm/min Professional Mode


3200 Rpm Surging Power

Independent research and development of dual-bearing lion structure, equipped with a smaller and superior performance brushless motor, 70mN.m torque bursts powerful power, with a high-speed impact of 3200 rpm, instantly penetrates 10mm deep muscle groups.


84 Days Of Long-Lasting Battery Life

 Meavon uses a 2900 mAh long-acting energy storage lithium battery to provide an abundant and lasting power source. It massages for 10 minutes a day, and can be used continuously for about 84 days when fully charged. With wireless handheld design .


Innovative charging base

taking into account both safety and convenience, put into the bottom groove after use, you can quickly charge, the surface of the base uses a non-slip feel paint process.convenient storage

                   Wireless Handheld           |           Charging Base              |          Convenient Storage

45db Low Mute Mute 45db

Ergonomic Design

 Ingenuity Polished Quality

                                    Patent Design                   |                   Ergonomic Handle                   |                    Hidden Cooling


4 Professional Massage Heads

 Meavon uses soft and skin-friendly food-grade silicone to design 4 exclusive soft massage heads, an original internal honeycomb structure, a soft rebound surface, care for muscles to reduce damage to muscles and bones, and take care of it Every muscle group.

Honeycomb Silicone Head


Spherical Head
Suitable for massaging muscles such as arms, waist, back, hips, thighs, and calves

U-Shaped Head
Suitable for massaging shoulders, sides of spine, heels
Cylindrical Head
Suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, palms, soles
Flat Head
Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts


10 Minutes Intelligent Protection

In order to avoid excessive massage time at the same part and damage to muscles and bones, Meavon intelligent dual-mode fascia gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection. It will automatically stop after ten minutes of continuous use, ensuring human safety and giving scientific intimate protection.




Before you order Please Note:

It is Xiaomi ecological chain products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it]
Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.

The plug of the base is CN plug, please use the suitable adapter. Thank you

Product Parameters:

Product name: Meavon Smart Double Mode Fascia Gun
Product weight: 0.8KG
Intensity gear: 5 dual intelligent modes
Operating environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃
Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery
Executive standard: GB4706

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