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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Smart Digital Tire Pressure Detection Electric Inflator Pump

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* Charged to Preset Pressure And stopped

   Inflating the ball, no need to repeatedly check by pressing. Accurately inflate and one time to reach the right pressure to help you enjoy thepassion without worry

*Digital Display To Detect Tire Pressure &Test tire pressure At Any Time To Avoid Emergencies

  The temperature difference between the four seasons is large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. Too low or
  too high a tire pressure can create a safety hazard. For example, the tire pressure caused by accidental tire running jogging is insufficient, and
   emergency inflation can help you get out   of  trouble

 *Powerful, Compatible With A Variety of Nozzles
   The high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as well as
    to inflate common bicycle tires, football, car tire, Motorcycle tire, etc.
 *Small & Convenient To carry out. Powerful, Compatible With A Variety Of Nozzles
   Can be charged by a power bank. A wonderful journey is fully prepared, so riding & driving became easy and ready to go. Inflatable treasures
   do not require an external power supply when working. Small enough to carry with your car, it's easy to put in your trunk or 
   backpack.  Motorcycle hikes are more freedom.
Quantity for Pumping
  1.Full Power Charges 41 Footballs ( 1minute  Charge 1 Ball)
  2.Full Power Charges 8 Bike Tires (3 Minutes Charges 1 Tire)
  3. Full Power Charges 6 Motorcycle Tires ( 6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire)
  4.Full Power Charges 5 Car Tires ( 6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire )