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Redmi AX5
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Xiaomi Redmi Router AX5 Wifi 6 Mesh 5 Core Gigabit 2.4G/5.0GHz Dual-Band Wireless Router Wifi Repeater 4 High Gain Antennas
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Product name: Redmi Router AX5
Processor: IPQ6000 4-core A53 1.2GHz CPU
Network acceleration engine: single-core 1.5GHz NPU.
ROM: 128MB
Memory: 256MB
2.4G Wi-Fi: 2X2 (supports IEEE 802.11ax protocol up to the theoretical maximum rate of 574Mbps)
5G Wi-Fi: 2X2 (Maximum support IEEE 802.11ax protocol, theoretical maximum rate up to 1 201Mbps)
Product antenna: 4 external antennas
Product cooling: natural cooling
Machine interface:
1 10/1 00/1000M adaptive WAN port (Auto MDIMDIX)
3 10/100/1000M adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI/MDIX)
LED indicators: 2 (System indicator *1, Intemet indicator *1)
System reset button: 1
Power input interface: 1
Protocol standard:
IEEE 802.1 1a/b/g/n/ac/ax, IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab
Certification standards:
GB/T9254-2008; GB4943.1 -2011
Packing list:
Redmi router AX5 × 1, manual × 1, CN/US adapter × 1.

Qualcomm 5-core chip / 4 independent amplifiers / Fast WiFi 6 / Support Mesh networking

Qualcomm 5-core chip

Home routing, enterprise-class powerful performance Keep stable online more worry-free 4-core 64-bit A53 1.2GHz CPU + single-core 1.5GHz NPU module, computing power increased by 130%*, The CPU occupancy rate of 128 devices connected is less than 10%*, and the data processing capability is stronger. Say goodbye to frequent disconnections/freezing.

Independent network acceleration engine

Hardware-level acceleration, less latency waiting Single-core 1.5GHz NPU (Network Acceleration Engine), specially designed to handle network data traffic, while increasing throughput by 21% and reducing CPU usage by 95%. While watching 4K HD network video, you can also play games with friends.

A new generation of 14nm process technology processors

Small body gathers surging energy, lower power consumption High-end WiFi6 routing essential Compared with the 28nm and above processes used in the industry, the integration is higher and the power consumption is lower, the heat generation is reduced by 20%*, and the long-term operation is more stable.

256MB large memory

Connect 128 devices stably Optimized for Xiaomi Smart Home Do not even get stuck When the Xiaomi smart device is connected to the Internet for the first time, it cooperates with the Mijia App to set up without the need to manually enter a password; it also supports security and privacy protection for mainstream smart home devices on the market.

Dual-band concurrent wireless rate is up to 1775Mbps*

Download a high-definition movie in 8 seconds, the theoretical rate is increased by 52% With full Gigabit network port, enjoy the fast WiFi6 Compared with the mainstream AC1200 router, the wireless rate is increased by 52%, and the dual-band concurrent wireless rate is up to 1775Mbps*. It uses a full Gigabit network port to make full use of each megabit of bandwidth.

WiFi6 core technology

WiFi6 core technology: OFDMA efficient transmission, reduce network congestion Multi-device Internet access with low latency and smoother When multiple devices need to transmit data, OFDMA technology allows the router to complete the data transmission of 8 devices with only one transmission, and the network delay can be reduced by 66%.

4 independent signal amplifiers

Enhance transmit power and receive sensitivity Stronger wall penetration, covering 1 more room 2.4GHz and 5GHz are equipped with two Qorvo high-performance independent signal amplifiers, respectively, the signal strength is increased by 4dB, and the theoretical coverage is increased by 50%.

4 high gain omnidirectional antennas

Precise debugging, with reasonable structure layout Wider coverage and longer transmission distance Four external 5dBi high gain omnidirectional antennas are made of phosphor copper. Support LDPC error correction algorithm, significantly enhance the anti-interference ability and signal coverage during data transmission.

Support Mesh networking Multiple routers combine powerfully to seamlessly cover high-speed WiFi6 throughout the house 5GHz WiFi or network cable can be used. The theoretical rate of wireless networking is up to 1201Mbps*. Multiple routers can form a star, chain or wired and wireless mixed network. If the routing device in the network changes, it can actively re-network to ensure a stable online experience. It supports multiple Redmi routers AX5 networking, and can also be mixed with Xiaomi router AX1 800 and Xiaomi AloT router AX3600*. The device automatically switches to a better network on the Internet to achieve seamless roaming throughout the house*. *1201Mbps is the maximum connection rate for 5GHz WFi wireless networking. *This feature is expected to be upgraded and supported before July 15, 2020, and can support up to 4 routers for networking. *The terminal needs to support the 802.11kv protocol. The actual experience is related to the user terminal capabilities and the actual environment of the home.

Super heat dissipation

Large-area aluminum alloy heat sink and high thermal conductivity thermal adhesive are used. The upper and lower panels have heat dissipation channels to form a good upper and lower air convection to ensure long-term reliable operation of the machine.

Strict testing and pursuit of excellent quality

Carry out large-scale cooperative testing with international authoritative test instrument manufacturers such as Spirent and lxia to simulate various home scenarios and extreme conditions to ensure that the router can run stably under various conditions for a long time.

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Redmi Router AX5