I, the preface: 4-inch large external screen in the right direction

moto is the pioneer of longitudinal folding phone technology, and its razr series of longitudinal folding screen has undergone nearly 5 years of development since its introduction.

Compared with horizontally folding phones, this compact, vertically folding design is more in line with the preferences of female users, as was the case with the popular flip phones back in the day.

In addition, vertically folded phones are usually equipped with a secondary screen, so how to fully optimize this feature and simplify the design of the interactive interface has become the key to enhance the appeal of these products.

Last year, moto introduced a 3.6-inch large secondary screen into the ranks of vertically folded phones, which not only refreshed the industry standard in terms of size, but also revolutionized the functionality and user experience.

This year, moto once again led the industry trend, increasing the size of the external screen to 4.0 inches and integrating more third-party application adaptations to further enhance the utility of the external screen, with the help of the vertical folding machine debut of the Snapdragon 8s Gen3 performance of the Iron Triangle, it will become the strongest performance of the first half of the year 2024, which is the new generation of moto's small folding, moto razr 50 Ultra AI GenQ.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

1, First Snapdragon 8s Gen3 Flip Phone

The moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi is the first model to date to introduce Snapdragon 8s Gen3 in a folded form factor phone, and comes standard with full-grade LPDDR5X 8533Mbps RAM as well as UFS4.0 flash memory, making up a new generation of performance irons in the fire.

2, 4-inch large external screen

moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi inherits the fine tradition of the previous generation of 40 Ultra oversized external screen, this time it is further upgraded to a large 4-inch external screen, with a new application ecology, not only to support more system applications, but also to support more third-party application adaptation.

3, Lenovo Xiaotian AI

In addition, the Lenovo Xiaotian Personal Intelligence of the moto X50 Ultra has also been introduced into the moto razr 50 Ultra AI meta-boot.

Lenovo Xiaotian intelligent voice assistant provides users with a smooth communication experience with its natural voice feedback close to real people, rapid and accurate dialog response, and highly anthropomorphic features.


II, the appearance: 4-inch large external screen display quality to the internal screen on par with the

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

moto razr 50 Ultra's inner screen adopts a 6.9-inch AMOLED screen, LTPO substrate gives the screen 1-165Hz adaptive high refresh rate, the screen's resolution reaches 2640*1080, 413PPI, supports 120% DCI-P3 color gamut display, and passed the SGS low blue light eye protection certification.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The phone has a 32-megapixel front-facing camera integrated into the top of the inner screen and a slit earpiece on top.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

We at FastTech received the moto razr 50 Ultra in a soft peach limited edition, with the lower part of the back of the phone in a vegan vintage peach color, adding a welcoming touch.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

This 4-inch large external screen of the phone uses an OLED panel and realizes a 1-165Hz adaptive high brush based on LTPO substrate, which is the small folding phone with the highest external screen refresh rate in the industry.

Secondly, this external screen has a wind-changing green of 1272×1080 with 417PPI pixel density, supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and has passed the SGS low blue light eye protection certification.

Taken together, the quality of the moto razr 50 Ultra's external screen is directly on par with the internal screen.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The moto razr 50 Ultra features a metal center frame and a noise-canceling microphone on top of the body.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The phone has an integrated capacitive press-fingerprint module on the side and a volume button on the top.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The bottom of the phone is equipped with a speaker that forms a stereo sound field together with the earpiece speaker at the top, and to the right are the Type-C port and the pickup microphone.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

moto razr 50 Ultra comes with a 68W fast charging charging kit, this machine supports up to 45W wired fast charging.

III, the external screen experience: 4-inch large external screen, the internal screen can do what it can do.

moto razr 50 Ultra utilizes the large 4-inch external screen to develop a series of innovative interactive features.

We don't need to unfold the phone to conveniently enjoy a wide variety of applications from gaming to video watching, music enjoyment, and WeChat chatting.

This design transforms the screen from a mere decoration to a practical multifunctional tool, completely escaping its fate as a mere "vase".

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

External lock screen interface, pet Moo in moto razr 50 Ultra external screen in the form of lock screen clock.

It will display a variety of vivid states such as working, resting, eating and sleeping depending on the time of day.

When you touch the screen, Moo will have different reactions to interact with you, for example, when playing with your cell phone late at night, its expression looks very funny, so the more you play, the more fascinated you become.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

Unlock the external desktop to enter the main interface, if there is a notification message, it will be displayed in the lower left corner of the external desktop, without the need to expand the screen.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In addition, we can also customize the style of the lock screen and desktop of the external screen in the settings.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In the external screen, just swipe left or right to switch between full-screen desktop cards, including music, apps, contacts, calendar, weather, widgets and more.

In addition, moto has adapted a large number of mainstream third-party applications.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

For example, mainstream applications such as B station, navigation, headline streaming, jittery voice, etc., in moto razr 50 Ultra's external screen are optimized to adapt to the internal screen can be completed, the use of the external screen can be resolved, even if only using the external screen, users can easily complete the reply message, view pictures, browse videos, navigation and other operations.

Moreover, these applications in moto razr 50 Ultra folding screen phone to realize the seamless integration of the inner and outer screen, the inner screen cut to the outer screen can continue to use, to provide users with a consistent and convenient use experience.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

When the phone in a tent position or standing position on the desktop, the external screen immediately transformed into a cute clock, the user can personalize the settings of the long bright text and dials, which makes moto razr 50 Ultra in this form, very suitable for use as a bedside alarm clock, daily memo or information display board.

IV: Performance test: Snapdragon 8s Gen3 AnTuTuTu score of 1.2 million +.

The moto razr 50 Ultra is built on the same Snapdragon 8s Gen3 mobile platform as the X50 Ultra, and is the first phone to debut the chip in the vertically-folded lineup, and we've got the 12GB+512GB variant in our hands, with LPDDR5X+UFS4.0 storage as standard.

In this regard, we did a test of the moto razr 50 Ultra's theoretical performance and gaming performance unleashed.

During the test, the phone's high performance mode was turned on and the phone's memory expansion was turned off.

-Theoretical performance test

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

First of all, the AnTuTu rabbit comprehensive performance test, 1.024 million results, in the vertical folding phone this score can be said to be among the top, after all, it is the first equipped with Snapdragon 8s Gen3 chip vertical folding phone.

CPU single test, Geekbench6 single-core score 1895 points, multi-core score 4658 points.

GPU single test, GFXBench six 1080P test scores are as follows:

Aztec Ruins OpenGL: 72FPS

Aztec Ruins Vulkan: 78FPS

Racing Chase Frame Rate: 58FPS

Manhattan 3.1 Offscreen: 105FPS

Manhattan Offscreen: 166FPS

Tyrannosaurus Rex off-screen: 273FPS

In terms of dual U performance, the moto razr 50 Ultra is directly on par with the top flagship phones of 2022~H1 2023.

Finally, we also tested the phone's flash memory performance. Androbench sequential read speed of 3.89GB/s, sequential write speed of 3.36GB/s, random read of 377.54MB/s, random write of 466.06MB/s, which is in line with the performance level of UFS4.0.

V, the image experience: 50 megapixel telephoto dual camera sample colorful night scene colorful

moto razr 50 Ultra rear dual camera module, like these longitudinal folding machine will basically be equipped with the main camera + wide-angle dual camera program.

But moto is different from the regular vertical folding machine, it is equipped with a rare main camera + telephoto dual camera program.

The main camera is a 50-megapixel camera with a 1/1.95-inch sensor, 1.6μm 4-in-1 large pixels, and support for OIS optical stabilization.

The other lens is a 50-megapixel 2x telephoto lens with a 1/2.75-inch large base and 1.28μm 4-in-1 large pixels.

We also shot some sample images using the dual camera module of the Lenovo moto razr 50 Ultra AI GenQ:

--Main Camera

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In the daytime scene, using the main camera to shoot samples, thanks to the flagship moto image brain + original painting AI engine, shooting samples compared to the natural vision, the saturation of the color has been moderately increased, not to the degree of overly bright, but also successfully avoided the bland and boring.

Thanks to the 50-megapixel clear lens (16-megapixel photos are output by default using the 4-in-1 technology), the outlines and textures of the buildings can be clearly shown even when the captured images are zoomed and cropped.

---Night Scene

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

Under the night scene, moto razr 50 Ultra's camera captures a clear picture of the layers, the silhouette of the skyscrapers in the night looks particularly eye-catching, the light outlines the lines of the building is clearly visible, and can be a true reproduction of the colors of the night, the black part of the sky is deep and pure, and the sky is a clear, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep.

The black portion of the sky is deep, pure and unadulterated, while noise suppression is spot on.


moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The 50-megapixel 2x telephoto lens, thanks to the advantage of high pixels, the picture taken is on par with the main camera effect, and the detail resolution is also excellent, even after cropping the picture taken, there will not be too much smearing.

--Sub-screen photography experience

With the external screen, users are able to take selfies with the main rear camera even when the phone is folded.

A quick flip of the moto razr 40 is all it takes to activate the use of the rear lens.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review moto razr 50 Ultra Review

As you can see, moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi thanks to the horizontally aligned camera on the back, it is not easy to cover when using the secondary screen for selfies, no matter accustomed to the left-handed use or right-handed use, can be smooth and comfortable.

In addition, the external screen has the function of real-time displaying the shooting screen of the internal screen, enabling users to view and adjust their posture at any time, and shooting composition is more convenient.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In the camera interface, you can click the screen to take a quick portrait picture.

Moreover, moto is also able to intelligently recognize the smiley face for snapshots, and the step of clicking the screen is saved, which further simplifies the process of taking pictures.

In addition, the phone also features gesture-controlled selfies.

After enabling the gesture self-timer mode in the camera app, users only need to face the camera, extend their hand and spread their fingers, the system will start a three-second countdown, and then automatically take a picture, so that users will no longer worry about missing any wonderful moments when taking pictures with multiple people.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

VI, Lenovo Xiaotian personal intelligent body: semantic comprehension strong multi AI function practical and interesting

moto will X50 Ultra in the first Lenovo Xiaotian personal intelligence body also devolved to razr 40 Ultra, that is, Lenovo Xiaotian intelligent voice assistant, and in the AI multimodal aspect, added AI painter and AI treasure box and many other AI features.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

Lenovo Xiaotian Personal Intelligence Body, the sound, despite being synthesized by AI, shows a very high degree of naturalness and realism.

In terms of voice feedback almost eliminates the rigidity of traditional machine voice, and realizes a smooth and natural transition of tone, as if communicating face-to-face with a real person.

And the speed of voice output is just right, and can be adjusted according to the content of the conversation, with a very high level of anthropomorphism.

During the conversation, Lenovo Xiaotian responds quickly, grasps the meaning of the words exceptionally accurately, and is able to provide highly accurate answers.

When confronted with some complex issues, the AI demonstrated excellent semantic comprehension and was able to effectively avoid common pitfalls with outstanding performance.

Vertical folding external screen optimal solution! moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi review: 4-inch large screen can do everything!

Using the AI painter function to generate images, users can not only personalize the size of the image, but also choose from a variety of screen styles, such as Chinese style, secondary, cyberpunk, bright illustration and other diverse modern image styles, to further accurately customize their own creative needs, and help users more accurately realize the image they have in mind.

This feature design significantly enhances the user experience, allowing users to more fully utilize their creativity and create unique works of art.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

The AI Wise Eye Screen Recognition function is able to quickly recognize text information on the screen, which can be copied with a single click or asked like Xiaotian.

When the system recognizes the product information, we can directly search within the Jingdong platform, and if it is recognized as a search keyword, it can also immediately start the Baidu search function to ensure that users can quickly and accurately obtain the information they need.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In addition to the above AI features, the moto razr 50 Ultra also supports AI features such as AI Travel and Smart Scene.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

In addition, the moto razr 50 Ultra's external screen design also provides the convenient function of waking up the Lenovo Xiaotian Personal Intelligent Body with a single key, so that users can quickly interact with the intelligent body when they need it without opening the cell phone cover, thus simplifying the operation process and improving the efficiency of use.

This design not only enhances the user's interactive experience, but also allows the application of the intelligent body to be more seamlessly integrated into daily use, so that we can more easily enjoy the convenience of intelligent technology.

VII, charging and battery life: 50 minutes of full power in exchange for nearly 10 hours of strong battery life

Lenovo moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi built-in a 4000mAh battery, support for 45W wired fast charging (standard 68W fast charging adapter), and in the folding phone compatible with the rare wireless charging as well as wireless reverse charging capabilities, the power of 15W and 5W respectively.

In this regard, we also conducted a series of tests on the wired charging and battery life of the moto razr 50 Ultra.

-Charging test

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

Extinguish the screen from 1% to start charging test, 10 minutes of power charged to 31%, 20 minutes of power has been more than half, reaching 54%, half an hour of power charged to 73%, and finally completely filled with a full 50 minutes.

--Battery life test

For the battery life test, we use a professional battery life test tool - Battery Dog produced by Fast Tech to conduct the test.

In the test program, the default will be carried out to 20% of the power test, at the same time, including CPU high-pressure, CPU multi-threaded, AI recognition, image browsing, video playback and web browsing of all the test items will be checked, through the simulation of the user's use of scenarios, to the greatest extent possible to restore the real load, infinitely close to the real power consumption situation.

During the test, in order to ensure that the environmental variables remain uniform across all models and to ensure the accuracy of the test scores, Battery Dog automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to 50%, turns off auto-brightness, and adjusts the volume to 30%.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review

After the battery dog uninterrupted test, moto razr 50 Ultra power consumption from 100% to 20% in 8 hours, 33 minutes and 03 seconds, after discounting, full battery life of about 10 hours, which endurance results in the vertical folding cell phone at the top.

VIII, summarize: the strongest comprehensive experience in the same category of small folding

The moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi is moto's 5th vertically flip phone, in which we see the most mature side of the vertically flip machine.

As the pioneer of the oversized external screen, this generation of moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi even expands the playfulness and diversity of the external screen to a new level.

Pet Moo animated wallpaper, multi-gesture form conversion, Lenovo Xiaotian one-button call out, rich external screen adaptation, you can use this 4-inch oversized external screen to watch videos, brush Jieyin, order takeout, navigation, and even play games, what the internal screen can do, an external screen can solve all!

After experiencing these features, you can't help but marvel: the original external screen can also be played like this!

At the performance level, moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi is by far the strongest small folding, the first Snapdragon 8s Gen3 performance iron triangle in the same category, and even use it to play games are not a problem, support for IPX8 and dual SIM dual standby, so that the performance of the small folding phone is no longer a short board.

In terms of battery life, the 4000mAh capacity of the battery in the same category is not large, but the endurance it brings can go to wrestle with the straight screen phone, but also for our daily use of the solid foundation.

On the whole, moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi, with its compact body, a lot of playful external screen, and the strongest performance in the same category, has completely changed our view of vertical folding cell phones, especially suitable for those who are in pursuit of excellent quality and perfect experience.

In the future, it is believed that moto will also continue to develop new forms of folding screens to bring more possibilities to users.

moto razr 50 Ultra Review