Refund & Cancellation

Hopefully you will be pleased with your purchase from and surely we will always provide you with better products and prices. It’s better for you to understand the following before placing an order.

Price Protection

If you purchase a product from and find within 48 hours the price has dropped, a refund of the difference will be made to you.

Registration Terms

If you provide a wrong delivery address, you shall bear 99% of the liability. If you have used the wrong address for any order, please contact us as soon as you realize it, but it’s impossible to apply the corrected address to the order if it is already shipped.


If you want to cancel an order within 24 hours from confirmation of the payment, you will be entitled to a full refund. It is still possible to cancel an order after 24 hours, provided that it has not yet been shipped. If an order has been shipped, it’s impossible for us to cancel or modify it anymore. If you still want a refund, your customer is required to return the ordered item on it’s arrival. In this case, only a partial refund covering the price of the item(s) minus the shipping cost is possible. For more details, please contact with us.

3 Day Return

If you are unsatisfied with your order within 3 days for any reason whatsoever, you can return the item(s) to us in the brand new condition for a refund in the amount of the purchase price minus the shipping cost. In case of a spare part, it can’t be returned if installed to your mobile phone and it's working.

Items Damaged in Transit

If an item is found visibly damaged on receipt, we kindly ask you to support us by accepting the parcel and contacting us within 7 working days, as well as providing us with the evidence as following:

1. Photos of the front and back sides of the packaging box;

2. A photo, video or screenshot of the defective item;

3. A photo, video or screenshot of the defective item or the defective part of the parcel.

Our sales manager will communicate with you for further information.

Service and Repair Policies in Warranty Period

If any of the items you have purchased from us is found defective within 1 year from receipt, you are entitled to a repair under warranty. Please kindly provide us with evidence as below: photos and videos of the defective item. After providing such information to the relevant sales manager and the problem is acknowledged, you can send the items back to us for a repair

Before sending the item back, please note: Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to record and erase all information (e.g. texts, images, ringtones and contacts, etc.) from the phone or other items you return to us. Vopmart shall not be responsible for any personal information left in the phone or such other item and cannot guarantee that the personal information left in the phone or such other items will not be erased. The repair policy is detailed in the table below.

Type of repair Applicable charges (Buyer) What to do
Cases where a refund is allowed    
1. The item received is wrong. Provided that it is not used, please follow the warranty process and contact our After-sale Service Center and return the item within 7 days from receipt of the order; it’s free of damage or defect. (All parts are required to be sent back.) The customer shall be liable to pay the shipping cost for return. Return your defective vopmart items, free of damage and intact. Please return the item to the address listed below:
Attn: Liu Tang Xue
Address:Rm K03, 6/F., East of block 3, SEG Ind. & Tech. Park, Huaqiangbei Rd, Futian District, 
City: Shenzhen
Province: Guangdong
Zip Code: 518000
Country: China
Tel: +86-13510561826
Tips: we highly recommend that buyers use Post Registered mail service for send back,thanks!
For deals at discounted prices
1. The item received is different from what has been ordered, free of damage or defect.(All parts are required to be sent back.)
2. If only the SIM card is unidentifiable locally, the item free of damage or defect is acceptable.(All parts are required to be sent back.)
Cases where a repair rather than a refund is allowed    
1. Man-made factors
2)Exclusive of misuse,unofficial firmware or software modifications or any others causes of damage;
3)Drops or falls
4)Water soaking: dropped into water; exposed to rain, fog or mist droplets ; spilling liquid into the phone
5)Other man-made damage
Shipping cost for return; redelivery cost; repair cost Vopmart will send your items for repairing and will provide you with an estimate of any additional costs arising from repairs.
2. Scratches or damage is noticed on packaging and appearance.
3. Scratches or damage is noticed on the screen and main board, or other unauthorised third-party repairs are received.
4. The item is retured without the package and accessories.
5. Production of such items is ceased and the item has been in use for more than one month..
Cases where neither a repair nor a refund is allowed    
1. Items not ordered from .    
2. The warranty period has expired or the problem is not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.    
Other warranty and return policies for special product will be provided in specific product catalogue, please carefully read the following Product Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Please email below details to [email protected] after you send back the defective items:

1.Tracking number for the returned parcel;

2.Model number of the returned item;

3.Detailed description of the problem for each item

4.Original Order number from Vopmart for each item

5.All parcels shall be sent back by post, or we won't sign to accept the parcel if any duties arises from shipping by any other express delivery method.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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