I. Preface: OnePlus launched the first tablet equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 flagship core

Since its birth, OnePlus has become the industry benchmark with extreme performance and top tuning, adhering to the belief that "product power first", becoming a model in the industry.
With the recovery of the tablet category, the problem arises in the Pad Products are generally used in the previous generation of chips, performance "in the hands of the outdated" is widely criticized by the user, want to the latest models, equipped with high-performance flagship chip tablet, in the choice of only a few.
In order to bring users the most flagship performance experience, OnePlus has finally launched its first Pad Product - OnePlus Pad Pro.
The significance of this product is much more than that, it is also the first tablet in the entire tablet industry to use the third generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

1, the first tablet with the third generation Snapdragon 8 flagship core

In the core specifications, OnePlus Pad Pro equipped with the most representative of the third generation of Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, with OnePlus unique performance tuning, can ensure that the performance of the device to get the full release, so as to bring not less than the flagship cell phone of the smooth experience.

2, 3K ultra clear original color screen both clear and ensure the feel of the hand

At the same time to meet the performance release, OnePlus Pad Pro also fully consider the feel. Considering the current mainstream tablet size between 11 inches and 13 inches, but 11 inches screen is small, 13 inches is slightly bulky.
OnePlus Pad Pro chose a 12.1-inch 3K ultra-clear original color screen with a 7:5 golden ratio, which ensures a clear display, but also ensures a thin and light design, so that users will not feel fatigue even after a long time holding.

3, key pen accessories can unlock the multi-form mode

As the first Tablet PC of OnePlus, there are also considerations of accessory ecology, Smart touch keyboard, Smart stylus Pro's inclusion, so that the OnePlus Pad Pro can unlock more use form, to meet the user in different scenarios of use.

II, the appearance: 12.1-inch high-quality LCD screen with a key pen can switch a variety of free form

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

OnePlus Pad Pro front is equipped with a 12.1-inch 3K Ultra HD original color screen, in order to take into account the thin and light and feel, the use of 7:5 display ratio, than the same size of the 16:10 screen can be more than 14% of the content, more than 3:2 screen display 7%.
It also achieves the top specifications of similar LCD screens: 3000 x 2120 resolution, 303 PPI, 144Hz refresh rate, 540Hz touch sampling rate, peak brightness of 900nit, and screen color calibration of ΔE ≈ 0.7.
Thanks to the innate non-flicker LCD screen, this screen has passed the TÜV Rheinland Smart Eye Protection 3.0 certification, and also automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature according to the environment, providing excellent display effects and eye protection at the same time.

The rear camera of the OnePlus adopts a top-centered scheme, which is also a more reasonable layout for users who often hold it horizontally.
The rear camera carries a 13-megapixel camera.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review OnePlus Pad Pro Review OnePlus Pad Pro Review OnePlus Pad Pro Review

Equipped with a USB-C port, speakers, microphone, a total of 6 amplitude units, and passed the Hi-Res certification.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

Bottom magnetic details, can be equipped with a smart touch keyboard, just close to the OnePlus Pad Pro automatically magnetic fixed, will be transformed into a laptop form, a variety of forms of switching enough to go with the flow.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

We also received accessories such as a smart touch keyboard and a smart stylus Pro.
Smart touch keyboard with a full key layout, the keyboard touchpad area of up to 8600 + mm2, close to the MacBook touchpad area.
And it also supports multiple operations such as four-finger pinch, three-finger left and right swipe, three-finger tap, and three-finger up-stroke stay, so you can complete complex operations without touching the screen.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

Smart stylus Pro can do ultra-low latency, 16,000 levels of pressure sensing, restore the real feel and follow the hand, support global handwriting, global annotation, and has a laser pointer / page turner function, and also supports mainstream third-party APP.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

After installation, the form can be transformed into a notebook form, with PC-level key layout, restore the familiar operating posture, to bring you a desktop-level experience.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review OnePlus Pad Pro Review

Creative form, the keyboard stand can support 110 ° - 165 ° infinitely adjustable, allowing users to adjust the comfortable angle of use at will.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

The split form, which can be split flexibly, can cope with the needs of classrooms, airplanes, high speed trains and other environmental use.

III, the performance and game: the third generation of Snapdragon 8 performance release strong "original God" full open super high picture quality

In the core configuration, OnePlus Pad Pro is equipped with a third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform chip, in order to give full play to its best performance, the device will be turned on high-performance mode during the test period, and gaming mode will be turned on at the same time in the game.

Because the high performance + gaming mode is turned on, so that the performance is fully realized at the same time, it will also be more test of the device's cooling ability.

The version we received is the 16GB+256GB version, and we will see how the theoretical performance and actual gaming performance are.

-Performance test

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

In the theoretical test, the CPU and GPU single test, OnePlus Pad Pro performance is no surprise belongs to the flagship chip should be the level, thanks to the 12.1-inch body, in the performance of the release, the stability of the performance than the phone has a significant advantage, the fluctuations will not be too big.

---Game test

1, King of Glory

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

In the "King's Honor", we will change the frame rate to very high, the resolution to ultra-high, and the total quality of the screen at this time is extreme.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

During the 10-minute game period, OnePlus Pad Pro can be stabilized at 120 FPS, the frame rate curve is as stable as a straight line, and finally gave a score of 119.99 FPS, which can also be regarded as a full frame.

The average power consumption during the game was 6.59W, with an energy efficiency ratio of 18.21 FPS/W.
Temperature, the highest temperature on the back of the body is the area where the chip is located, just next to the camera in the center, only 37.3 degrees Celsius.

Due to the heat generation area staggered from the two-handed grip area, the P1 detection point is only 31.7 degrees Celsius, which ensures that the player can hold it for a long time during the game, and will not be affected by the temperature.

2, the original God

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

In the "original God" we will choose the preset image quality into a very high, based on this will be the game frame rate to 60 frames.
During the test "Original God", in the main city of Fontainebleau, using the night orchid, early grapefruit, such as the character can move quickly, randomly run the map for 10 minutes.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus Pad Pro also supports native ultra-high quality, can natively render 2.1K resolution, compared with the tablet can only render 1080P, the picture quality is much clearer, and the viewing experience is also more comfortable.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

As can be seen from the above chart, the overall curve benchmark at 60 FPS, although there is a slight fluctuation, but all in the magnitude is not too big.
During the game, the average power consumption is 8.12W, and the frame energy consumption is 7.38 FPS/W.
Temperature, the back of the highest 45.4 ° C, grip area 34.9 ° C, long time grip to ensure that the temperature of the hand is also more comfortable, will not cause a significant impact.

IV, super vision panoramic virtual screen test: three open game is very convenient window can also be arranged at will

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

OnePlus Pad Pro support for the same screen three open, compared to other tablets can only be scheduling in front of the table, small window display program, visually more easy to control at a glance, so as to bring a more efficient use of the experience.
In the process of using, only four fingers need to expand/collapse to display the global/individual APP, breaking the physical display barriers and making the screen display more complete.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

If you are a game party, you want to operate multiple games at the same time, it does not matter, you can mount the game in the background without affecting the content of the current game show.
When you want to switch is also very simple, just click on the other game window, it will become the main window, from the operation is still very simple, this design is also differentiated from other brands of multi-window operation.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

It is worth mentioning that it does not pick APP, shopping, video, notes, online class APP it also supports three window side-by-side display, which allows you to watch video, watch the web page, record notes at the same time, the order of the window can be based on your habits to arbitrary sorting, to play out the value of the tablet's large screen.
In conjunction with the Smart touch keyboard, Smart stylus Pro, so as to bring comparable to the desktop multi-window operating experience.

V, charging and battery life: 67W only 65 minutes to full blood can provide nearly 14 hours of battery life

OnePlus Pad Pro built-in battery capacity of 9510mAh, support 67W SUPERVOOC flash charging, the next we are on its charging and battery life related tests.

-Charging test

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

We started the charging test at 10% power, 20 minutes charging to 52%, 40 minutes charging to 83%, and finally full in 55 minutes.

--Battery life test

For the battery life, we used a professional battery life test tool - Battery Dog by Fast Tech to conduct the test.
In the test program, we chose the extreme battery life test, ticked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, image browsing, video playback, web browsing, simulating the user's use of the scenario, to maximize the restoration of the real load, infinitely close to the real power consumption situation.
During the test, in order to keep the environmental variables of all models' tests uniform as well as to ensure the accuracy of the test scores, Battery Dog automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to 50% and turns off the auto-brightness, and the volume is adjusted to 30%.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review

After the battery dog test to the remaining 20% of power, got 11 hours of battery life.
Converted, the full power state can provide nearly 13.8 hours of intermittent use, according to the habits of most users 3-5 hours a day, full power can be used for 3 to 5 days.

VI, summarize: the maturity of the very high shape of the tablet with a variety of strong performance

Although this is the first tablet launched by OnePlus, but from the system, games and other aspects of the experience, but also to implement the concept of "will not be", its maturity is quite high.
In the third generation of Snapdragon 8 chip support, "Original God" easy to hold, very high quality +60 frames easily full frame, thanks to the tablet's large size body, compared with mobile devices have obvious advantages in heat dissipation, to ensure a long period of stable and strong performance release.
The rear camera adopts a top-centered design, a detail that not only enhances the feel of the game, but also makes it possible to provide a consistent feel when holding both left and right, avoiding the abruptness generated by the position of the lens.
In addition, in order to play out the advantages of the 12.1-inch screen, OnePlus also brought a "panoramic virtual screen" feature, can open three games at the same time, directly breaking the physical display barriers, I have to say that this tablet, simply the gospel of the game hanging party!
In terms of productivity, with Smart touch keyboard and Smart stylus Pro, OnePlus Pad Pro can be transformed into a notebook form. At this time, the "super field of view panoramic virtual screen" function can show the advantages of multi-window, convenient for users to take notes, watch videos, find information and other operations at the same time.
If you also have OnePlus / OPPO family bucket device, you can also realize a touch of interconnection, easy to complete the flow of meetings, file transfer, screen mirroring and other functions, which undoubtedly greatly improves the efficiency of the use of the flat panel, so that its value can be fully realized.
In summary, if you want a strong performance, to meet the work, study, game and other needs of the use of the tablet, then equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 chip of the OnePlus Pad Pro, must be your unquestionably the best choice.

OnePlus Pad Pro Review