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Huawei Leather Liner Bag

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Original HUAWEI Leather Liner bag Tablet Bag Leather Micro Fiber inside Slim Sleeve For laptops and tablets of 14 inch below Matebook X pro/E/X/13

In appearance, return to the original aesthetics

The designer draws inspiration from Mondrian's geometric art of three primary colors, and presents you an integrated work of function and aesthetics. Through the change of surface material and texture, the sense of fashion is extended infinitely in the space. Make the artistic taste obvious.In the details, unique Huawei style
Selected high-end real cowhide and high-quality accessories, hand-made more unique texture.The open space layout and the re-creation of the "H" element deeply interpret the connotation of Huawei's infinite communication and connection. While it is applicable to MateBook XPro, it is also applicable to MateBook X.In style, show extraordinary taste
The details reveal the ingenuity and quality, while the stylish atmosphere is exquisite. Carrying your notebook will be more clean and neat, maintaining an elegant and calm posture.

● 100% HUAWEI Original Leather liner bag
● Material: premium leather, soft touch feeling
● Nice cut-out, perfect for laptops and tablets of 14 inch below
● Easy to install and take out
● Weight about 220g
● Size:334mm × 247mm × 4.8mm

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