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Huawei Router A2

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Huawei Router A2
- quad-core tri-band 2200M
- One touch network
- Internet protection
- Huawei router, coverage prefectly


Huawei Routing A2 provides four frequency bands of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (low frequency band) and 5 GHz (high frequency band). It supports three-band integration, automatically connects the better frequency bands for devices, and evenly distributes 5 GHz devices to two 5 GHz bands to achieve load. Balance, guarantee multiple connections. Full dry network port, easy to run fiber broadband within 1000M.

One touch network
Huawei routing A2 supports NFC function. The phone unlocks the screen, opens NFC, touches the top of the router, and connects to Wi-Fi without entering a password.

Wi-Fi access authorization, Prevent sputum network
After entering the password to connect to Wi-Fi, you need to be authorized by the owner to access the Internet, effectively preventing strangers from cracking the software, and the Huawei HiLink device without confidential access does not need authorization.

2 steps to complete the Internet configuration in the phone
1. Connect to the router Wi-Fi, open any browser and open the configuration page automatically.
2. Enter the Wi-Fi name and password to complete the configuration and access the Internet immediately.

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