Xiaomi Dual Interface USB Stick

Xiaomi dual interface USB flash drive: 64GB / 128GB
- Mobile phone, computer, easy mutual transfer
- Dual interface compatible
- High speed reading
- Alloy housing
- Small and portable

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Original Xiaomi Mini Dual Interface U Disk 128G/64G USB 3.2 Type-C Interface Mobile Phone Computer Mutual Transmission Portable USB Memory

Product Model: XMUP21YM 1 XMUP22YM
Capacity: 64GB/ 128GB
Product net weight: 6.2g
Shell material: Zinc alloy
Dimensions: 40.2x 12.2 x 4.6mm
Interface Type: USB Type-C, USB Type-A


All-round dual interface, strong compatibility

The dual-standard interface U disk specially designed for mainstream digital devices is widely compatible with Type-A and Type-C interface smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers and other digital products, which can easily handle office and entertainment.


USB 3.2 Gen1 SuperSpeed transfer

Super-speed USB 3.2 Gen1 protocol, read speed up to 150MB/sec*, stable and efficient transmission is visible to the naked eye.

- stable transmission

- High speed reading


Advanced UDP encapsulation, reliable and durable

The core components use advanced UDP integrated packaging technology, the size of the U disk is greatly reduced, the quality and performance are more stable, it can effectively prevent dust and splashes, and better cope with accidental damage caused by daily use.

All metal body, Seiko quality

The whole U disk is made of zinc alloy die-casting, which has good heat dissipation. The surface is treated by sandblasting and electroplating process, the color and texture are advanced, and the hand feel is delicate and gentle.


Tenon and mortise structure, exquisite and compact

The ingenious mortise and tenon structure design, the built-in slide-type anti-falling slide cover, and the Type-C interface are securely protected.

Xiaomi Dual Interface U Disk Tips:

1. Instructions about the capacity of the U disk:
Displayed capacity ≠ nominal capacity. Flash (memory) or hard disk devices are generally calculated in base 1000, that is, 1KB = 1000Bytes, 1MB = 1000KB, 1GB = 1000MB, and the operating system is based on 1024.
Calculated capacity, namely 1KB= 1024Bytes, 1MB = 1024KB, 1GB = 1024MB, the formatted capacity will be smaller than the nominal capacity. Under different operating systems, system files and firmware will also occupy a small amount of space, but the actual
The available space must be greater than or equal to 90% of the nominal capacity. The Xiaomi dual-interface USB flash drive meets the national standard (GB/T 26225-2010), please rest assured to buy.
2. About the U disk heating phenomenon:
It is normal for the U disk to heat up. When the U disk is powered on for data transmission and reading, the electronic components inside the U disk emit heat. Depending on the power-on time and the frequency of read and write operations, the amount of heat generated will vary.
Also possible: Affected by ambient temperature. Since metal has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, the metal U disk may heat up when used, which is not a quality problem.
3. About the read and write speed of U disk:
The data of this product comes from laboratory measurements. Test tool: CrystalDiskMark 5.2.1, Xiaomi notebook Air13 13-5 8250U processor, 8GB memory, operating system Win10 64-bit Enterprise Edition. The test file is 3.94GB
The video is transferred from the Mi ∪ disk to the PC, and the transfer time is 30 seconds. In the actual use environment, please ensure that your computer interface is USB 3.0 or above, otherwise it will greatly affect your copy speed; copying a large number of small files will also lead to Causes the transmission speed to drop: In addition, the SLC buffer is set in the U disk. When a large number of files are continuously copied, after the buffer is full of files, it will be directly stored in the TLC memory, which will cause the speed to slow down. This is also the feature of TLC flash memory. characteristics,Not a product issue.
4. A note about the fact that copying a folder is slower than copying a single file:
When copying a single file, the system only needs to create an index; when copying a folder containing a large number of small files, each file needs to be indexed, so it will take a relatively long time, and when multiple tasks are performed at the same time, it will increase the number of computers load,Congestion of the channel may result and speed may be reduced.
5. About the factory format of the U disk;
The default file system of Xiaomi dual-interface USB flash drive is FAT32 format, which can be used under Windows system and Mac OS; (For the mobile copy of a single file exceeding 4GB, the file name length cannot exceed 255 characters;
It can be used after formatting the FAT32 file system into the exFAT file system. ) Under the Android system, there is no single file over 4GB transfer error prompt. If you find that the data transfer fails, you can format the FAT32 file into the exFAT file system
use later.
6. Notes on data storage:
The product is valuable, the data is priceless! Make a backup of important data. If there is a problem during the product warranty period, we will provide warranty service for the product, which does not include data recovery service and does not promise the recovery cost of lost data.


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Xiaomi Dual Interface USB Stick 64GB / 128GB