Xiaomi Mijia Inflator Pump 1S 2021

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Original Xiaomi Mijia Digital Tire Inflator Portable Car Air Compressor Pump Electric Smart LED Auto For Motorcycles Bicycles Balls 2021
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2021 Xiaomi Mijia Electric Inflatable Treasure 1S

Inflate faster

*Can fill 2 car tires with 0 air pressure in 11 minutes.
*Full power can Can inflate 8.5 car tires

Max Power Support 150psi

Using high-precision alloy cylinder, it only takes 20 seconds to pressurize from 0psi to 150psi.

Air Pressure Monitoring is More Accurate

The accuracy of the air pressure sensor is increased to 1psi , and display on the LED Digital . no need your hand to text .

Pre-set pressure, stop when full

5 Mode to Change

Pre-made 5 inflation modes, set the air pressure range in advance to prevent over-inflation


*Product Name : Xiaomi Mijia Inflator Pump 1S 2021
*Mode : MJCQB04QJ
*Size : 124*71*45.3 ( Not with trachea )
*Inflation Pressure Range :0.2-10.3bar/ 3-150psi
*Operating Temperature : -10℃~45℃
*Battery Capacity : 2000mAh ( 14.8Wh)
*Working Noise : 80db ( far 1 meters )
*Input : 5V/2A
*Charging Time : 3 Hours

Official Pacakge Include

1*Inflatable treasure
1*French valve adapter
*Gas Needle
1*Storge Bag

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Xiaomi Mijia Inflator Pump 1S 2021