Xiaomi Pad 6 Series Smart Touch Keyboard Case

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● Perfect fit for Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 / Pad 6 Pro
● Original Xiaomi Keyboard Double-Sided Protective Case
● Transform your tablet into laptop in seconds
● Lightweight, thin, portable
● Dual viewing angle
● 64 key keyboard with independent ESC, shortcut operation
● 1.2mm key travel
● Full-field press touchpad
● Keyboard type: QWERTY
● Pogo Pin contact direct connection with low latency

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XaomI Pad 6 series

Smart touch keyboard

Work efficiently, like a tiger with wings

Note: This keyboard only works with XiaomiPad 6 and XiaomiPad 6 Pro

Pogo Pin contact directly connected

Stable connection, ultra-low delay

Through the adsorption and fixation of the force and the plate, the input delay feedback is almost insensitive.

Press the trackpad in all areas

Mechanical press feel, crisp and smooth

Texture glass material, feel cool silky. Touch pad can be pressed in all areas, feel crisp, rich and fast gesture operation.

*You need to set the navigation mode of some gestures to full-screen gestures. You need to enable the three-finger drop-down function for screenshot

More comfortable creative experience

Stepless adjustment of support Angle 110°-165°

Open the keyboard support plate backward, can realize the stepless adjustment Angle of 110°-165°, easy to switch the viewing comfort. The torque of the rotating shaft is carefully adjusted and polished, and the switching Angle is smooth and stable. Multi-angle adjustment to meet a variety of user scenarios.

64 key backlit keyboard

Comfort strength feedback,

Adaptive backlight adjustment

64 key layout, function keys, combination of shortcut keys.

1.3mm large key path, just right percussion feedback force.

In low-light environments, the backlight is automatically lit to ensure accurate typing.

NFC touch second transfer screen flow, file fast transfer, work efficiency double

If you use a mobile phone or tablet with the same account, you only need to touch the NFC sensing area in the lower right area of the keyboard to trigger the screen flow. Select the file on the mobile terminal and transfer the file by touching it.

Exquisite overall appearance

Three-dimensional full shape, hard outline smooth

In one go, highlighting the high quality.

*This function can be used on any model that has upgraded to MU14 and supports the Xiaomi Wonderful Enjoy Center function. Please enable the NFC function of the phone before using

And make sure your screen, albums, file management, and MU+Beta are updated to the latest version.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 Series Smart Touch Keyboard Case