Xiaomi Router BE3600

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● Harnesses the power of WiFi 7, offering unparalleled wireless performance and speed.
● Employs self-developed Mesh networking technology, facilitating seamless connectivity and rapid self-healing capabilities across up to 10 routers.
● Prioritizes gaming experiences by optimizing global acceleration nodes, reducing latency, stuttering, and packet loss for various platforms like PC, mobile, consoles, and VR.
● Incorporates a robust network security center through the Mi Home app, offering real-time monitoring, device management, and content filtering for a safe online environment.
● Features top-of-the-line hardware components including a Qualcomm processor, 2.5G Ethernet port, and support for dual broadband access, delivering exceptional performance and unleashing the full potential of 2000M broadband.
● Enhances data density and transmission rates, further boosting WiFi speeds for seamless connectivity and streaming experiences.
● Equipped with four high-performance independent signal amplifiers, ensuring robust signal coverage throughout the home, even overcoming obstacles like walls.

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Xiaomi Router BE3600

Next-generation WiFi 7, faster than imagination
Qualcomm 4-core chipset, computing power up to 10120 DMIPS
2.5G Ethernet port
4 high-performance independent signal amplifiers

WiFi 7 Refreshes Speed

Dual-band concurrent 3570Mbps wireless rate, coupled with 5G band 2×2 160MHz, unleashes the powerful momentum of WiFi 7, providing a network experience that exceeds imagination.

MLO Dual-band Aggregation

A single device can simultaneously connect to the 2.4G and 5G bands, with two channels transmitting in parallel, better coping with environmental interference.
Maximum theoretical rate of 3.57Gbps

Enhanced OFDMA

On top of OFDMA technology, Multi-RU advanced allocation technology is added to more reasonably allocate bandwidth resources according to device network speed requirements, fully utilizing without waste. Enjoy high-speed networks for multiplayer online gaming, HD live streaming, video calls, and more simultaneously.

4K QAM Rapid Transmission

4K QAM technology can further increase data density, allowing the amount of data transmitted at the same time to increase by up to 120%. When paired with devices that support 4K QAM, WiFi speed is accelerated to the next level.

Brand New Qualcomm Processor
4 cores, 1.1GHz, computing power up to 10120 DMIPS, strong throughput, fast and stable, supports 128 devices online simultaneously.

2.5G High-End Ethernet Port

Unleash 2000M Broadband Potential
With one 2.5G Ethernet port, support running at full 2000Mbps broadband. Paired with three gigabit Ethernet ports, fully unleash broadband potential. Supports dual broadband access, dual LAN aggregation, and can also customize IPTV, esports ports, directly connect game consoles, TVs, computers, meet high-quality audio and video needs.

Effortless Coverage with Good Signals
4 high-performance independent signal amplifiers make WiFi signals omnipresent. With high-intensity signal transmission power and super-sensitive reception sensitivity, it's not afraid of wall obstacles.

Xiaomi's Self-developed Mesh Networking
Supports various mixed networking methods, can connect up to 10 routers, when you move around at home, it will connect to the router node with the fastest speed in milliseconds. Even if one of them fails, the network can provide second-level self-healing response.

Gaming Exclusive Acceleration
Prefers global acceleration nodes, effectively reducing delays, stuttering, and packet loss issues on platforms such as PC, mobile phones, consoles, VR, etc. Coupled with Xiaomi phone-exclusive acceleration, automatically recognizes Xiaomi/Redmi phones, opens up a gaming-exclusive acceleration channel, making battles more exhilarating.

Home Security Center

Provides a sound network protection and management mechanism, through the Mi Home app, real-time feedback on network risk situations, to prevent network attacks. Direct management of family members' smartphones, tablets, and other Internet devices, filter out malicious websites and harmful information. You can also set permissions and usage time for popular apps to cultivate healthy internet habits. Tookfun

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Instruction manual
Ethernet cable

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Xiaomi Router BE3600 WiFi 7 MLO Dual-Band Mesh