Baseus Car Washing Gun Sprayer Nozzle

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Baseus Car Washing Gun Sprayer Nozzle Magic Flexible Hose Car Water Gun High Pressure Power Washer Garden Water Jet
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  • Strong water pressure ensures perfect cleaning effect
    Simple Life CarWash Spray Nozzle
  • Nordic Simplicity Innovative CarWash Spray Nozzle
    Different from the special-shaped water gun design in the market, the design of the spray nozzle is returned to Nordic simplicity through the improvement of the internal structure.
  • Double Mechanical Pressurization for Large Flow Pumped
    Switch is turned on to pump out the high-pressure and large-flow instantly, so that all dirt can be easily washed.
  • Rinse Dust and Dirt under High Pressure
    For the stubborn dust and dirt attached to the surface of the car it can be easily washed off after opening the switch.
  • Rotate 360° to Produce Different Splashes
    With a slight twist, the spray spread out like an umbrella.
    The shapes are all different at each rotation, and different spray shapes can be adjusted according to different cleaning parts.
  • Metal Griping Part Durable for Use Stronger Pressure Aluminum alloy metal griping part, durable for use, never get deformed when the high-pressure water flow passes through.
  • Magic Water Pipe Powerful Pressurization
    New pressurized hose,
    TPE one-piece formed. Great elasticity when water is not injected, can be easily stored; the pipe body is prolonged and hardened after water is injected, and it is pressurized.
  • 3X Expansion, Turn 10M into 30M in an Instant
    After water injection, the water pipe expands and extends rapidly, which not only pressurizes the water flow,but also extends the length of the water pipe, and can be washed easily even at a distance.
  • Product name:Baseus Simple Life Car Wash Spray Nozzle
  • Material: Aluminium alloy/ABS+PC
  • Size: 19cm*14cm*35cm
  • Weight: 217.6g
  • Material: explosion-proof TPE
  • Length of water pipe: 2.5m (7.5m after water injection)
  • 5m (15m after water injection)/10m (30m after water injection)


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Baseus 25-100FT Garden Hose High Pressure Car Washer Water Gun Spray Jet Nozzle