Baseus Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle

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Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle

Battery-powered Design for Washing Cars Anywhere

With built-in batteries, this car wash spray nozzle can be used anytime anywhere even without a power source. You can wash your car easily even if you live in a high-rise or go outdoors.

Removable Batteries for Charging Easily

The removable batteries on the bottom can be removed by rotating them to the left. There is a Type-C port on the front of the batteries, so you don't need to charge them with the wash gun.

Water Absorbing Design for High-pressure Water Jet

The portable water absorbing design with powerful pressure accumulation can absorb water instantly. The 3.5m water pipe allows you to use water in a bucket or natural water source.

A Thorough Clean with Power Boost

We take high-power motor as the core power component and adopt half crankshaft connecting rods to drive the high-pressure piston pump to increase the water pressure. The smooth inner wall of the water flow channel can provide a steady stream of high-pressure power.

30mins of Long Battery Life

This water gun is equipped with four 18650 lithium batteries for high-rate charging and discharging of large current. Real-time battery percentage is shown at the end of the wash gun so as to enjoy a thorough clean when it is full charged.

A Nozzle with 5 Spray Patterns

Just rotate the five-in-one nozzle to adjust water spray patterns.

Upgraded and Effort-saving Handle Design

An upgraded ergonomic gun-shaped handle with 115° obtuse angle is a better match with your hands. As it is 1.3kg, you will not get tired after using it for a long time.

IPX4 for Safer Use

Highly waterproof design offers higher safety performance to avoid battery short circuit due to water leakage.

Abundant Accessories

The wash qun set comes with 3 accessories except for a nozzle and water absorbing pipe

Operation guide

The Packing Accessories

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Baseus Dual Power Portable Electric Car Wash Spray Nozzle