BETOP H1 Bluetooth Game Controller

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BETOP H1 400mAh GamePad Set For Huawei P30 Mate20 Pro Case GamePad Mate20X Pro P20 Mate10 NOVA5 Joystick NORDIC Bluetooth 5.0
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BETOP H1 400mAh GamePad Set For Huawei P30 Mate20 Pro Case GamePad Mate20X Pro P20 Mate10 NOVA5 Joystick NORDIC Bluetooth 5.0




BETOP H1 400mAh GamePad


The Gamepad work with Huawei EMUI9.0 system.

Please Make Sure The Phone Application Assistant Version is or above.

Please Make Sure The GamePad Application Assistant Version is

Global version is different from the China version,may not be compatible with some games.That's normal,This is not a quality issue,please be cautious purchase

One-Handed Operation,EMUI System Adaptation,Bluetooth 5,Don't Need Root
Original Supports(PUBG...etc Games)
Mate20 Mate20 Pro Mate20 X
P30 Series/P20 Series/Mate 10 Series/NOVA4 /NOVA5/Honor 20/Honor v20/Honor 10/Honor V10/Honor Play/Honor Magic 2 2018
System EMUI Up Huawei or Honor Mobile Phone
Apply to Width 73-98mm Android or iOS Phone Only   PUBG    (Other Games Unknown)
Like For Samsung,For iPhone,For Xiaomi,For Oneplus...etc Android Phone

BETOP H1 Gamepad - Bluetooth Edition
Product model: BTP-H1
Packing size: 93.5*77.1*24.6mm
Product weight: 70g
Power supply: 400mAh lithium battery (typical)
Applicable models: HUAWEI
Currently only Huawei phones and glory phones with EMUI9.0, Magic 2.0 and above are supported.
Compatible with mobile phone width 73-98mm, including MATE20 series, P30 series, P20 series, MATE10 series, NOVA4, NOVA5, glory 20, glory V20, glory V10, glory 10, glory PLAY, glory Magic2 and so on.
Product list: Handle*1, charging cable*1, manual (Chinese)*1



BETOP G1 400mAh GamePad

Original Supports(PUBG...etc Games)

Mate20 Mate20 Pro Mate20 X
P20 Series/Mate 10 Series/Honor 10/Honor V10/Honor Play 2018
System EMUI Up Huawei or Honor Mobile Phone
Apply to Width 72-88mm Android or iOS Phone Only   PUBG    (Other Games Unknown)
Like For Samsung,For iPhone,For Xiaomi,For Oneplus...etc Android Phone





EMUI 9.0
System underlying intelligent adaptation

Instant play without activation|
EMUI system deep adaptation, support EMUI9.0 and above system mobile phone, play even if you play it via Bluetooth, the game experience is better
Free physical mapping
Inactive mapping
ROOT free mobile phone


The system comes with an application assistant
Handle to play mainstream popular games
EMUI 9.0 and above mobile phone system, with a handle application, Huawei mobile phone users do not need to download a third-party game hall or APP, you can play the official version of the game
Handle setting
Game recording screen
Game acceleration
Button anti-missing
Recommended mainstream popular games
The Glory of the King, The Elite of Peace, The Wilderness Action
QQ Flying Hand Tour, 5th Personality, Street Basketball, My name is MT4


Nearby near discovery
One-click wisdom is easy to use

Use the "near discovery" protocol to put the phone into the handle and automatically connect it with one click to enter the game. Hot games have been configured with big god keys.
Looking for a match
Keyless setting


Multi-finger combination operation
Inspire your operational potential

With an ergonomic design, players can easily achieve three-finger and four-finger operation. The thumb moves to move the index finger to jump the rifle, and the whole audience can easily eat chicken.


Handle + touch screen
Do whatever you want
At the same time, the handle and touch screen are used, which is convenient for moving the visual field in the game, releasing the directivity skill, not fixing the selection, patterning and the like.
Fast moving field of view
Second speed skill pointing
Not fixed point
Pattern screen


Bluetooth 5.0 new protocol
Conquer the game delay Caton

Adopting the new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the transmission speed is twice that of Bluetooth 4, the transmission range is expanded by 4 times, the transmission distance is increased by 8 times, and the gun is more stable and more accurate.
2X transmission speed
4X transmission range
8X transmission distance
*Report of third-party testing organizations in the city


OTA is continuously updated
Continuously break the handle performance limit

The controller is equipped with a refreshable upgrade chip, and the OTA air upgrade is performed through the application assistant. The performance of the controller is continuously optimized, and the popular game is “pre-fitted” to continuously break the performance limit of the handle.


Stepless tensile structure
Dimensional compatible with mainstream models

The handle is a stepless stretch structure specially designed by Huawei mobile phone, which can seamlessly clamp the mobile phone, avoiding the looseness of the mobile phone and blocking the charging hole/headphone hole.
※ compatible mobile phone width 73mm-98mm


Fast charge with long battery life
Charging for 5 minutes, black for 2 hours

Based on the smart flash charging energy-saving system, it can play for 2 hours after charging for 5 minutes, the battery is fully charged, can play for 60 hours in a row, or standby for 180 days.
*Data source: The third-party agency will detect the sale, and the game play time of the hand-pick will be subject to the actual use time.


BETOP 20-year quality assurance
Focus on the gamepad

Stepless tensile structure
Multiple stretching without deformation
Delicate touch to the soul
Laser etching process
Slip back dent
Ergonomic anti-slip
*The above product picture rights are for reference, please refer to the actual product

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