DJI FPV Goggles Corrective Lenses

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When purchasing prescription lenses, please leave the prescription data (recipe) in the order according to the page format

How to buy?

If it is: right eye sphere: -1.00 (cylinder: -0.25, axial: 180)

Left eye sphere: -4.00 (cylinder: 0, axial: 0), please purchase 0 to 4.0 diopters, 0 to 4.0 include transparent lenses and frames, which can be used when you receive them.
Compatibility: The product is applicable to Pico4。
Please note that the frame of this project is black.
The product is myopia glasses, without eye detection

The product is magnetically attached to VR. Please note that this is a customized product. You should send the information to our support personnel so that we can prepare better products and mail them to you as soon as possible. The information you sent to our customer service personnel is about your vision prescription. If you don't know, please consult an optometrist.

Right eye sphere:______ (Cylinder: ______, Axial: ______)
Left eye sphere:______ (Cylinder: ______, Axial: ______)

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service personnel to determine whether it really suits you.
If you are not nearsighted, you can buy a flat lens (transparent lens)Protect your VR device.

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