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Flydigi Beewing Mobile Phone Radiator

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Flydigi Beewing Mobile Phone Radiator Hot Physical Cooling Fan Cooling Portable Phone king Glory PUBG Auxiliary Artifact

Small size, high performance Fashionable and light, new bee fan

Exquisite structural design allows the bevel to load large blades,The large battery remains small at the same time. You can also play with your bee fan with a rich bee series.

Three wind adjustment wind power 30% higher than the same size products

36mm large diameter airfoil blade, the third wind can reach 4.9CFM, 30% higher than the traditional fan.Cool down and have fun!

Gorgeous light and effect between, my eyes focus on you

The rhythm of RGB dazzle lamp changes, and the fan leaf rotates to create a cool e-sports atmosphere.Focus on the game unconsciously, eyes have focused on you

Hold on without interference Pure bare metal control

Benefit from the small body of the bee wing, after installation does not interfere with the hands to hold the pure bare touch, better touch screen experience

700mAh large lithium battery Enjoy the cool, not the line

First gear can last up to 6 hours, 2 hours of fast charge.Enjoy the use, lasting strength and cold, cool game not stop. The data come from Flydigi lab. The actual data may be different due to the change of objective environment

Matched bee series Stimulate the potential of games

Equipped with wasps/stings, both heat dissipation and control are equally important.With excellent performance, welcome simple and pleasant multi-finger operation improvement.Victory, from now on.

Bass running Voice chat without interference

Bee-wing is equipped with a new generation of airfoil fan blade, with low noise and large wind power, which can enjoy cool and quiet without disturbing the voice turning black

Hardcore players charge and play from dawn to night

Support charging while playing, surging electricity, three wind +RGB effect full open, about 35 gay friends, fighting a whole day!

Simple press, firm adsorption, mobile phone and tablet, widely compatible

Delicate sucker structure, vertical suction up to 3kg, firm adsorption.High compatibility, all phones and tablets taken
Devices wider than the iPhone SE are compatible
Wing size: 82.6"62"20.1mm (including suction cup)

Package contains:

The radiator
USB charging line
The user manual

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