FlyDiGi WASP One-handed Gamepad Physical Connection CapAir Mapping Joystick

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FlyDiGi WASP One-handed Gamepad Physical Connection CapAir Mapping Joystick for PUBG Mobile Game Controller for iPhone Android
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Physical connection plug and play ; No need for Bluetooth,matching toych screen ; enter the joystick,multi-finger control
True Half-handle,Half-screen Experience
Left-handed joystick,the joystick button controls the positional shooting ,
which greatly releases the pressure of the left-hand thumb 360-degree screen position;
the right-hand machine holds the hand,without unnecessary structural interference,
creating a pure half-hadle half-screen operation experience.The operating habits do not need to be transitioned ,
and the "bees"can be used as you like.
Innovative Capair ;Mapping ;Physical Signal ;Simulation Touch Screen
FLYDIGI self-developed CapAir Mapping,subvert the industry connection technology,
through the emission capacitor signal to simulate the human hand touch screen ,
free of Bluetooth connection,Applr mobile phone can be used to insert the handle.
IOS Physical connection Just plug in iphone and play 
Insert the Apple phone into the handle and open the handle switch to start playing .
For the first time,you need to enter the in-game custom button and drag the function button you want to map to four fixed mapping points.
ALPS Japan Rocker,Release Left Screen View And Show Off
ALPS Japan Rocker is small and precise ,long service life and strong wear resistance .Eliminate the troubles caused by sweat.
Through the physical joystick and buttons,the left-screen view is released,and the enemy's movements are fully grasped.
Easy and comfortable Multi-finger Operation Walking Position is Rapid
The ergonomic key structure design directly saves the hard practice and easily realizeds the three-finger and four-finger operation.
The left hand is responsible for the"bee"and the opening of the gun,the right hand is responsible for aiming the gun...
Multi-finger linkage ,the ability of the gun has exploded,and the shooting is rapid.
Silicone Grease+ Graphene Double Heat Dissipation Keep Away From Heat
Silicone grease+ graphene double heat-dissipating material ,the heat of the mobile phone is quickly guided to the back of the handle,
avoiding the system heating and frequency reduction ,the game is stuck ,and enjoy the summer sports carnival.
Durable Life From Day To Night 
300 mAh battery capacity ,less than 20mA working current ,about 15 hours of long battery life ,how energetic you are  ,
how energetic it is to accompany you from the first sun in the morning to the midnight stars.
Stylish And Lightweight
The combination of Vibrant Yellow and Classic Black gives the handle a uniquely stylish appeal .
The size of the palm is small and portable.At the time of the subway,lunch break,and party,you can come to a game at any time.
General Brand: Flydigi
Type: One-hand game controller
Color: Black
Specification Battery capacity: 300mAh
Charging time: 1.5~2 hours
Working current: <20mA
Charging current: 5V-100mA
Working time: 15 hour


Product Weight:0.105kg
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.13 x1.9cm                               
Package Weight:0.404kg
Package Dimensions:17.5 x 11.6 x 8.5cm

Package Contents 1 x Flydigi WASP game controller
1 x Lightning charging extension cable
1 x Mapping ruler
1 x Silicone gasket
1 x Usb charging cable
1 x Velvet bag
1 x Chinese user manual
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FlyDiGi WASP One-handed Gamepad Physical Connection CapAir Mapping Joystick