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KN95 Reusable Silicone Mask

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Silicone mask KN95 dust protection filter four-layer filtration multiple filter hot water disinfection is used repeatedly
  • Mask + 2PCS Filter
  • Mask + 12PCS Filter - +$15.00
  • Only 10PCS Filter - +$5.00

*Comes with two replacement filters.

Why chose this Mask ?

Most people wear disposable masks when there's infectious viruses around.
Just imagine, what it means to our planet if the 7.5 billion people wear and abandon one disposable mask each day ?
How much resources it'll waste ? How will the nature digest the trash added ? Under the wide fast spreading of H1N1 flu and coronavirus, we developed a reusable and washable mask that is made of eco-friendly Food grade silicone.
It's light weight and perfectly adapt to different size faces. It's tested filtering efficiency up to 95%, can effectively protect people in all kinds of air issues.

We need to stay safe from the virus, we also need to protect our planet with more eco consciousness.

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