SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager

SKG K6 Neck Massager For Neck Electric Pulse Relieve Pain Sound Prompt 4 Modes 15 Intensity Heating Hot Compress ARM
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SKG Neck Massager K6 Massager For Neck Electric Pulse Relieve Pain Sound Prompt 4 Modes 15 Intensity Heating Hot Compress ARM


SKG neck massager uses electrical impulses therapy.
Due to the electrical impulses therapy, when you use it you may have a feeling of pricking by a needle, which is caused by the insertion fit of the electrode plates (the season changes, the degree of skin moisturization, and the penetration rate are different).

Here are some instructions you can follow when using the machine to get more comfortable experience.
1. Use gel paste which can be used 10 times or 3 days usage period.
2. Put a wet towel on the surface of neck for 10-20 seconds before use.
3. Apply a little moisturizer, cream or other moisturizing products on the electrode pad before use.
4. When turn on the machine, please avoid choosing the higher level of intensity at the beginning. Please start with lower level and then the upper one according your situation.
5.Do not use it when there is an implantation of pacemakers and avoid hair and jewellery touch metal electrode pads during use.
Please feel free to contact us first if you have any other questions when using.

1. Full charge 3 hours before using.
2. The gear adjustment must starts from zero, and the gear adjustment waiting time suggest at least 1 seconds.
3. Please replace the battery if the remote control is not used for a long time , or replace new battery after 6 months using.
4. The solution to the failure of the remote control after being bumped or falling: remove the battery, press the any button, re-install the battery, and restart it again to troubleshoot this problem.


1、Cool color design
Using the mobile phone shell gradient color technology, gradient illusion. Light and dark light and shadow flow between the neck, highlighting individuality, neck dazzling accessories;

2、Electric pulse technology
Electric pulse technology, 4 massage modes, 15 levels of intensity. Built-in magnet makes massage more comfortable

3、PET rapid heating technology
You can feel the hot compress in 3 seconds, which makes the capillaries dilate, accelerates blood circulation, and relieves the cold and stiff neck

4、Intelligent voice prompt
With intelligent voice broadcast, the operation very clear even when you close your eyes

5、One charge for 5 days working
1000mAh large battery, charging for 3 hours, working for 5 days


1. Switch button
Long press for 2 seconds to turn on, long press for 2 seconds to turn off; Short press after turning on the phone to start mode switching,,
2." + " button
Press once, the intensity will increase by one level
Long press "+" button for 2 seconds to turn on voice, "voice mode"
3. "-" button
Click to decrease the intensity by one level
Long press the "-" button for 2 seconds to turn off the voice and turn on the "silent mode"
4. Heating button
Short press to switch different modes-"low heating, middle heating, high heating, turn off heating"


Brand Name: SKG
Model : K6E
Material: elastic plastic + silicone
Color:White/ Blue
Electrodes: stainless steel
Charging port: USB
Power supply voltage: 5V/2A
Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
Charging time: 3 hours
Working time: 5 days (massage twice a day, 15 minutes each time)
Massage time: 15 minutes
Massage modes: 4 types
Massage intensity: 15 levels
Hot compress: PET Technology
Thermal temperature: 37-43℃
Net weight:120g


Remote control*1
USB data cable*1

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SKG K6 Smart Neck Massager