T-FLASH J2 Intelligent UV Germicidal Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Xiaomi Youpin T-FLASH J2 Intelligent UV Germicidal Ultrasonic Cleaning Teeth 500w Pixel Visualization

Intelligent sterilization visual ultrasonic tooth cleaner
Novel and innovative technology
High efficiency without hurting gums
Magnetic charge | Stenilizable base | Mobile APP HD display
Removal of dental stones | Tobacco tea stains | Intelligent ultrasonic recognition

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* Up to 2 million ultrasound frequencies per minute
* 500W hd visual professional endoscope
* UV sterilizing base
* 2 kinds of dental cleaning needles to meet different needs
* 3 dental cleaning modes, according to the need to choose
* Outage protection, safe to avoid overheating

Come and see if you need your teeth cleaned?

1.Gums are red, swollen and sore, and teeth bleed.
2.Stubborn tobacco tea stains, teeth black and yellow.
3.Mild dental calculus, accompanied by bad breath.
4.Severe dental calculus, gingivitis and periodontitis.

T-flash ultrasonic dental cleaner J2 was used
Visually rendering oriented four-axis gyroscope 360° Accurate tooth cleaning without dead angle

Before use:The teeth are yellow and black,and stubborn tartar is obvious
After use:Dental plaque and tartar significantly reduce, and teethturn white

HD mobile App display, deep into the teeth, accurate cleaning

500W hd visual professional endoscope
Visualization · cleaner tooth cleaning

UV automatic sterilization can effectively remove halitosi

Certified by professional testing organization, the sterilization rate is 99.99%

Ultraviolet automatic sterilization
Deep ultraviolet sterilization can be achieved in 5 minutes up to 99%
Let you take on a new look every time you use your work head.

Charging and cleaning base
Charging / sterilization / storage 3in1

Magnetic suction charging and ultraviolet sterilization are inserted on the front, and a fixed dentifrice is inserted on the back.


Schematic diagram of deeppurple sterilization Automaticsterilization for 5 min

【Storage box】

open the base to store the working head


Open the USB plug andaccess the data cable,which can charge and sterilize at the same time


High efficiency ultrasonic transducer

Visible tooth cleaning effect


1.Up to 200W times / min ultrasonic vibration frequency

2.42khz acoustic frequency



360 ° ring led shadowless lamp matching

No fear of darkness, clearer vision


316F stainless steel tooth cleaning needle

Professional people can rest assured


【Sharp tip tooth cleaning needle】

clean fine tooth stones such as crevices


【wide end teeth cleaning needle】


Clean tooth surface and big teeth


Three teeth cleaning mode

Response to different needs

Normal: suitable for sensitive / elderly people, gently remove tartar and dental stains

Middle:Remove stubborn tartar such as cigarette stains, coffee stains and tea stains

Strong:Remove the formed dental calculus and clean the teeth in a deeper level



Special dust protection cover

It shall be closed independently and kept clean


Overheating automatic power-off protection

Security guard more assured


Professional testing institutions are more reassuring


Professional, so rest assured


Product name:T-Flash intelligent visual sterilization ultrasonic tooth cleaning instrument

Product model:J2

Mode: 3 modes

Auxiliary lighting: 6 spotlight LEDs

Charging time:2-4hours

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T-FLASH J2 Intelligent UV Germicidal Ultrasonic Cleaning