vivo 50W Vertical Wireless Flash Charger

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vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger

Vivo 50W Vertical Wireless Flash Charger

50W Wireless FlashCharge | Vertical And Air-Cooled | Multiple Protection


A 50W Strong Charging Power Creates A Refreshing Wireless Charging Experience

Put your device down to charge and pick it up to stop charging, all without the hassle of wires. With a maximum charging power of 50W, your vivo X70 Pro+ gets a 50% charge in 26 minutes*, as fast as it takes with wired charging.


Efficient Air-Cooling And Intelligent Silent Mode

The built-in 3600rpm* high-speed quiet fan works at full speed when charging, moving air through a high-precision air duct structure for fast cooling. At night, 26db Super Silent Mode* makes the fan run as quietly as a gentle breeze across the lake, without disturbing your sleep.


The Two Sets Of Coils Inside Mean That Your Device Can Rest On The Charger Vertically Or Horizontally.

The coils offer wide sensor areas. They intelligently detect and adapt to how your device is positioned. When you need to check messages or read articles, place your phone vertically. When watching movies, lay it horizontally.


Geometric Aesthetics Injects Art Into Technology

We drew inspiration from "interspersed blocks" used in modern architecture. The geometric lines, frosted base and soft breathing light form an elegant yet lively design. The 60° tilt angle helps you easily glance all incoming messages.


Multiple Protections For Safety And Peace Of Mind

When charging, there are a number of safety measures to detect voltage, current and temperature issues and the presence of nearby metal objects. When metal objects such as keys and coins are detected, the warning light comes on and the power is cut off. Enjoy safe charging and peace of mind.

  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Under-Voltage Protection
  • Static Protection
  • Foreign Metal Object Detection


Product Specifications

  • Charging Port : Type-C
  • Rated Output : 5V-20V / 6A (Max)
  • Wireless Output : 50W (Max)
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vivo 50W Vertical Wireless Flash Charger