Vivo Wireless Sports Earphone


● LDAC 3x HD Transmission.
● One-click flash-link, Call Noise Reduction.
● IP55 dust-proof and waterproof.
● High quality, magnetic suction, thoughtful details design.
● Up to 12Hours Music Time, fast charging time of Just 1.5 Hours.

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Vivo Wireless Sports Headset movement LDAC hd

transmission level 1 IP55 dust-proof waterproof key flash flash filling the Hi Res - even 1 hurtling Wireless authentication

3x transmission rate, ULTRA HD listening experience.

Vivo wireless sports headphones equipped with advanced LDAC audio transmission technology *, through the subversive ultra-clear high bandwidth coding, The wireless transmission rate is up to 3 times that of the traditional Bluetooth headset, which greatly reduces the audio data loss and brings you a near-lossless listening experience.

"Small gold standard" certification, presenting excellent sound quality.

Through hi-RES Wireless high quality certification, has excellent three-frequency balanced listening sense.The polymer diaphragm allows the low frequencies to dive deeper, The titanium metal coating in the diaphragm center can effectively enhance the rigidity of the diaphragm, reduce distortion, and make the high-frequency transient and detail performance better. Whether it's surging street rock or an elegant symphony, it can bring out the best in you.

40 fine craftsmanship creates bright timbre.

Through more than 40 complicated processes such as CNC engraving and anodic oxidation, the double-layer cavity is created to increase the rigidity of the cavity body. Effectively reduce the reflection of sound waves in the cavity.With the front and rear double vents, balance the amount of exhaust from the earphone and ear canal, Make the low-frequency sound dye smaller, dive more elastic, at the same time improve the brightness of the sound, listen to more transparent, balanced.

Voice reduction, more comfortable conversation.

The specially designed guide chamber can effectively filter the noise, and the digital noise reduction algorithm can further accurately identify the human voice and suppress the noise waveform. The call was clear and steady, even in a noisy setting. Effectively reduce the reflection of sound waves in the cavity.With the front and rear double vents, balance the amount of exhaust from the earphone and ear canal, Make the low-frequency sound dye smaller, dive more elastic, at the same time improve the brightness of the sound, listen to more transparent, balanced.

Sweat, rain, it's all small stuff.

Precise waterproof structure design realizes IP55 level waterproof and sweat proof for life *, no matter sweat is poured in the gym, Or in the drizzle to a wantonly jogging, it can safely accompany you around.

Flexible skin-friendly collar for more stylish movement.

A streamlined collar that fits the outline of the neck is made of skin-friendly silica gel, which is not susceptible to allergy even in long-term contact. Built-in memory wire, able to quickly recover after 720° bending, All kinds of sports can be easily combined. .

From pairing to joining, that's all.

Thanks to deep integration at the system level, just by being close to your Vivo phone *, you can connect with it with a one-button for immediate use, No more tedious pairing operations.

Put it on and listen, close it and stop.

The built-in magnetic switch closes when the earphone is off, and automatically enters the sleep state, which is convenient for storing and avoiding wire entanglement. Wear it again, connect it in seconds, and control the music between opening and closing.

Good music, -- key Pick.

Use it with Vivo I music. When you hear your favorite song, you can collect it with one click. Do not have to take out the mobile phone, also can leave each time touched.

Intelligent assistant, ready at any time.

Jovi, your familiar personal assistant, will appear instantly with a long click *.Control songs, query routes, real-time translation *, When you exercise or go out, use your mouth to get the personalized service you want.

Recharge for 5 minutes and listen for 4 hours. When you get up in the morning, you can use it for up to 4 hours just by filling it up for a few minutes * when you wash.In full charge, Can provide up to 12 hours of listening experience *, from early morning to late evening, - all day long calm and peace of mind. 13 Vivo wireless sports Headphones technical specifications Product model: HP2055 Product color: dark gray Product weight: about 27.4g Battery capacity: 129mAh Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery Input interface: Type-C Input specification: 5V-650MA Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0 Charging time: 5 minutes, 4 hours of listening, full charge <1.5 hours Operating temperature: 5° C-35° C Dustproof and waterproof: IP55 Frequency response range of headphone: 20Hz- 0000Hz Horn rated impedance: 322 Sensitivity of earphone: 100dB +3dB at 1kHz Microphone frequency response range: 100HZ-8000Hz Microphone sensitivity: -38dB +3dB at 1kHz Note: 1. LDAC HD transmission needs to be implemented with mobile phones, tablets and other playback devices that also support LDAC technical functions.Vivo Android 8.0 and above all support this technology function, The default connection with the headset is LDAC HD transmission mode. It can be turned off in the bluetooth connection interface of the mobile phone if it is not needed. 2. The traditional Bluetooth headset refers to the bluetooth headset that adopts SBC code transmission, and the maximum bit rate of transmission is 328Kbps. LDAC maximum bit rate can reach 990 Kbps, 3 times that of SBC. The functions of one-button flash connection and quick popup require the mobile phone to be on bluetooth and the screen to be on.For models not equipped with this function or models of other brands, they can still be paired and connected through traditional Bluetooth connection without affecting normal use. 5. To wake up Jovi voice assistant, the Jovi voice App on the mobile phone should be updated to V3.4.1.0 or above 6. Real-time translation currently available: Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Russian six languages. 7. IP55 dustproof and waterproof refers to a small amount of dust and splash that does not affect the normal work of the product. After use, it is necessary to dry the sweat or rain left on the earphone in time to avoid damage caused by infiltration. 9. Battery life test conditions of "charging for 5 minutes, listening for 4 hours" : The headset discharge is critical, the original charging cable is used for flash charging for 5 minutes, the volume is set at 50%, and the music is played repeatedly in LDAC HD transmission mode. 10. Battery life test conditions of "12-hour Listening" : Set 50% of the volume and play music repeatedly in LDAC HD transmission mode when the headset is fully charged 11. All data on the above page are obtained from laboratory standard environment tests. Actual use may vary due to different test environment, software version and usage habits, and the actual use shall prevail. 12. The schematic diagram of product appearance and product effect on the page are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.

If you wear it for a long time, you can release your energy.

Three sets of soft silicon bite F sing, choose the most suitable size at will, inclined ear-tube design: easy to enter the day without pressure. The two sizes are controlled independently by horn and ear, which can greatly buffer the vibration force of cattle during movement and make the cattle more stable.

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