Xiaomi FIVE Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp

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Xiaomi Mijia FIVE Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp Human Body Induction UV Sterializer With Mijia App Control From XIAOMI YOUPIN
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1. Multi Direction Disinfection

Hotel disinfection, school classroom disinfection, pet disinfection, baby supplies disinfection, pregnantwomen's living environment disinfection.
2. 99.99% UVC Effective Sterilization Rate

UVC disinfection and sterilization has a wide range of applications, which belongs to the basic configuration in the medical field.
3. Beep To Remind You To Leave

Intelligent human body induction. Special child lock protection mechanism prevents children from turning on the lamp, abnormal beep alarm system, the sterilization state will turn on after you leave the site for 30s.
4.  Select Imported Philip sOriginal Lamp Tube

The risk of mercury pollution is greatly reduced, the lamp tube life can reach 9000 hours, after that the light decay is only 20%.
5. Small, Light & Easy To Storage & Carrying

Reduces the occupied space to the greatest extent, while H-type design can be 360° irradiation.
6. Integrated UVC Resistant Protective Cover

Anti aging & more durable
7. Intelligent Interconnection

Xiao AI voice control. Access the smart remote control of Mijia app, support the real-time interaction of Xiao AI, cooperate with Mijia smart door lock, smart human body sensor, etc., to realize the intelligent scene linkage sterilization.

BrandFIVE from Xiaomi Youpin
Product Name FIVE intelligent sterilization lamp
Product Model YSXDD001YS
Product Size 245mm*120mm*120mm
Rated input 220V~50Hz
Rated power 35W
Sterilization factor UV disinfection lamp
Applicable area 20m2 ~ 30m2
upport System Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above

Warm prompt:
1. Strong light and ultraviolet rays are harmful to people's skin and eyes.
After turning on the sterilizing lamp, the person cannot be in the scene and cannot look directly at the light source.
2. Long press the switch machine 3S to unlock; Press short again to start the light program. After the countdown detection (about 30S), the disinfection light will be on. The working time can be set by mijia APP, 3 gears, 30 minutes by default.
3. The germicidal lamp human body sensor will automatically turn off the disinfection when sensing the human body approaching

Operation steps:

1. Long press the key for 3S, then short press to start the program
2. After no one or pet is detected, start the work about 30s
3. When people approach during disinfection, it stops working and buzzer alarm
4. After the person / pet leaves for about 30s, the disinfection lamp will continue to work
5. After the disinfection is completed, a long sound will be given and the indicator light will be off

Networking operation:

1. Open Mijia app to scan the QR code instruction
2. Long press the key for 10s, and the right indicator light will be on
3. After the connection is successful, follow the prompts

Package Included:

1x FIVE intelligent sterilization lamp

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Xiaomi FIVE Smart UVC Disinfection Lamp