Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 Portable Game Mouses 1000dpi 2.4GHz WiFi link Optical Mouse Mice Mini Ergonomic Portable Mouse
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High quality mute button for easy use without disturbing people

The mute button design makes the mouse operation quiet, quick rebound and durable. Whether it's in the bedroom, in the conference room, or in the library, it won't bother others, and easily say goodbye to the clicks.

Symmetrical design of left and right hands, simple style and upgrade

Xiaomi wireless mouse 2 simple design upgraded again, using a symmetrical design, both left and right hands can be flexible operation. Black and white are available, and different colors show different styles.

Streamlined shape fits the hand and enjoys a comfortable grip

The comfort of the mouse is very important. The sleek, streamlined shape fits the curve of the hand, which can better support the palm of your hand. Even if you use it for a long time, you will not be tired and enjoy the comfort of your palm.

sorption top cover, easy to disassemble and easy to install

The integrated magnetic adsorption top cover structure is extremely simple and easy to use. Both the battery and the receiver can be removed and installed by opening the upper cover, which is easy to disassemble and easy to install, and is easy and convenient to stand by. A 5th battery that meets one year of use* 2.4G receiver, plug and play, no driver required

Delicate coating, warm touch to the fingertips

The millet wireless mouse 2 has also been upgraded in material, and the surface treatment is very textured. The fluffy effect particles are added to the spray coating to provide a user with a comfortable touch at the fingertips.

Aluminum alloy anti-skid roller, easy to upgrade and operate

It adopts aluminum alloy roller and the surface is sandblasted and anodized. The texture is upgraded, which can effectively prevent slipping and sweat, and has excellent hand feeling.

High-precision sensor, precise positioning in multiple desktops

The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 has a 1000DPI photoelectric sensor that can be accurately positioned when moving quickly. At the same time, it has excellent over-surface properties and is suitable for desktops of various colors and materials to easily meet office and daily needs.

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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2