Redmi Wireless Charger 30W

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● Strong compatibility, compatible with mobile phones, TWS earphones and other devices that support wireless charging
● Ultra-low noise cooling
● Smaller size, higher power.
● 30W wireless fast charging
● Small size, light weight, easy to carry
● Foreign object detection, intelligent identification of metal foreign objects such as keys and coins, automatic power off
● 5 layers of intelligent protection, more peace of mind in daily use

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A new generation of wireless charging solution, smaller size, higher power.

The industry's new generation "All-in-one" high-power fully integrated wireless charging custom chip. One chip integrates all wireless charging functional blocks. While the volume is more compact, the power is further improved
Upgrade to 30WMax, bringing a more efficient and convenient wireless charging experience.

30W wireless fast charging

Intelligent device identification, matching safety current. At the same time, with an intelligent detection circuit, it is convenient, fast and efficient.

Intelligently compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices. Mobile phones, TWS earphones, etc. support charging a variety of wireless charging devices

Low noise design, active cooling

New independent air duct design, built-in cooling fan, stronger cooling capacity and lower noise. Better user experience.

Small and lightweight, easy to carry

Simple and lightweight design, it can be easily put in your pocket for business trips.

More Details

Exquisite fabric weaves the upper surface to protect the device being charged and at the same time play a better breathable effect.

The bottom is made of silicone material, which brings just the right amount of frictional resistance, and the device is not easy to slide when charging.

Foreign object detection, intelligent identification is safer

Intelligent recognition of keys, coins and other metal foreign objects, automatic power off, and flashing lights to remind, more secure.

5 layers of intelligent protection, more peace of mind in daily use

It has multiple safety protection mechanisms to fully guarantee charging safety.

Overvoltage protection | Overtemperature protection | Overcurrent protection | Undervoltage protection | ESD protection

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Xiaomi Redmi Wireless Charger 30W