Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Slim Chic

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Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Slim Chic Electric Muscle Stimulator Kits 0.8kg 3 Gear 3200r/min Vibrating Home Gym
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Before you order Please Note:

It is Xiaomi ecological chain products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it]
Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.

Product Parameters

Product name: YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun
Product weight: 0.8kg
Intensity gear: 3 gear adjustment
Main material: PC / glass fiber (gun body), nylon (massage head)
Operating environment: 0-4 ℃
Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery
Executive standard: GB4706
Customer Service Phone: 400-990-1092 


1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.
2. Do not continue to use the same part for a long time.
3. Do not use on weak bones and muscles.
4. Infants, minors, pregnant women, those who wear a pacemaker, have fractures, or have metal contents in their bodies, do not use them.
5. If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately.


Fascia wraps the important tissues of muscles, connects bones and internal organs. Exercise or bad posture will cause fascia and muscle rupture and damage, resulting in adhesion joints, "delayed muscle soreness", resulting in muscle stiffness and pain.

Awaken muscle vitality Just a deep massage to relax

High speed motor Strong power hits the depths of the body

3 speed adjustment Meet the massage needs of different groups of people

4 professional massage heads Take care of every muscle group

7 hours long battery life First gear battery life: 7H Second gear battery life: 5.5h Three gear battery life: 4h

45 decibel silent vibration Immerse the body and mind in silence

0.8kg lightweight body Easily travel anytime, anywhere

One key control One-piece structure / 41mm engineering handle / humanized buttons / anti-inadvertent design

Not limited to sports fields Staying at home and office must be vigorous slowly

10 minutes smart protection Give the body the most intimate care

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Xiaomi YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Slim Chic