Yuwell YU100 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

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Yuwell YU100
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● Original imported molecular sieve
● High concentration of pure oxygen
● One click rapid oxygen production
● No additional water is required
● Low noise design
● Remote control design

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Main parameters:

Product Name: household 1L oxygen generator

Model: YU100

Brand: Yuwell

Power: 135W

Oxygen flow: 1 ~ 7L / min

Oxygen concentration: 90% at 1 L / min

Noise: front 43dB (A), whole machine 50dB (A)

Main raw material: UOP molecular sieve

Working system: continuous operation

Net weight: 5.5kg

Product volume: 8.66x7.09x11.42 "

Applicable population: middle aged and elderly children, pregnant women, adults and adolescents

Purchase hot spot: 1L remote control vehicle type, silent type

Features: large font, clear display; Mobile and convenient; It is placed stably; High oxygen concentration; Good adsorptivity; Good heat dissipation; Strong stability; Strong purification power

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Yuwell YU100 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator