Yuwell YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

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Yuwell YU300
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● Original imported molecular sieve
● High concentration of pure oxygen
● One click rapid oxygen production
● No additional water is required
● Low noise design
● Remote control design

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Yuwell YU300 Oxygen concentrator household oxygen inhalation machine elderly oxygen machine small family portable

Product parameter
Power supply: 220V
Product model: YU300
Input power: 130VA
Oxygen flow rate: 1-7L
After-sales service: 1 year warranty for the whole machine and 3 years for the compressor
Noise: Front 43dB (average), 49dB for the whole machine
Net weight: 7.8kg
Oxygen concentration: 90%
Product volume: 29.5*17.5*27cm
Compressor: high-end oil-free compressor

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Yuwell YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator