Xiaomi Mijia Ear Thermometer


●  One second quick measurement.
●  0.1℃ high-precision sensor.
●  large LED digital display.
●  Dust-free storage box.

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Measure in seconds, accurately capture real body temperature changes with one tap

Both the eardrum and the temperature regulation center, namely the hypothalamus, are supplied with blood by the carotid artery, which can quickly reflect the temperature change of the inner core and accurately capture the fever signal without long waiting. It is especially suitable for temperature measurement in families with babies.


High precision sensor, 0.1℃ change, knowable accurately

The built-in high-sensitivity imported temperature sensor can read the body temperature by accurately capturing the infrared radiation energy emitted by the eardrum, showing a temperature change of 0.1℃. 110° wide viewing angle> High SNR> Thermal shock resistance>


Preheating measurement, entering the ear canal without reducing its temperature

That is, against the cooling effect of the ear canal Before being inserted into the ear canal, the probe will be preheated to make it closer to the body temperature of the human body, so that it is comfortable to enter the ear and will not cool the ear canal. Even measuring a sleeping baby will not cause interference. Ensure continuous and stable result output. *The ear canal cooling effect refers to the measurement error caused by the probe cooling the local skin of the ear canal in a low temperature environment of about 10°C. Left: Ordinary probe The ear canal cooling effect can reach 2°C-3°c Right: Preheat probe The ear canal cooling effect is negligible


Aim at the eardrum, measured result can be repeated

The probe is designed to bend and support the inner wall of the ear canal. With a slightly swingable probe, it can adapt to the physiological bending of the ear canal more dexterously, ensuring that the center of the probe is kept at the center of the eardrum for temperature measurement and that is more accurate.

Simplify the complex, easy to read on the large LED digital display

Mi ear thermometer is white and translucent, round and compact. One main button, tap to measure, easy to use. High brightness, large font display temperature, clear reading at night, to avoid misreading.

0.018mm air-sensing earmuffs*

Earmuffs are a barrier to prevent cross-infection. Please replace them with new earmuffs before each measurement to avoid earwax contamination and block the transmission of infrared rays on the eardrum, and to prevent cross-infection among family members. *The thickness of earmuffs is 0.018±0.003mm; 20 pieces are given for free, if you need more, please purchase separately.

Magnetic cover and dust-free storage box show the beauty of storage

The specially designed magnetic probe protective cover prevents the probe from being scratched and polluted to affect the measurement accuracy. After use, put the ear thermometer and earmuffs in the storage box, which is not only clean and hygienic, but also simple and beautiful.


Easy to use design, thoughtful function Novice moms get started easily

1. One-button mute, measurement at night, no need to worry about waking up sleeping children 2. Small size, can easily measure temperature while holding the baby with one hand

3. Earmuffs fall off reminder, intelligently identify the wearing state of earmuffs to avoid misoperation 4. Automatic shutdown within 15 seconds, improve battery efficiency and save energy

In the box:

Ear Thermometer x1
Earmuff x20 Storage box x1
Notice: X2 AAA battery must be taken out for air safety, please understand it.

Product parameter

product name:  Infrared ear thermometer
Product number: PT5
Product Size: 138 x 34 x 57 mm (L x W x H)
Product Weight:  About 100 g
Display size:  24.5 x 23 mm
type of battery:  AAA battery
Measuring range:  34.0℃~42.9℃
Measuring part : Ear cavity
Laboratory measurement accuracy : ±0.2℃, in the range of 35℃ ~42℃, Other range is ±0.3℃
Resolution:  0.1°℃
Clinical repeatability:  ±0.3℃
working environment:  10℃~40℃, <85%RH 70 kPa~106 kPa
Service life:  5 years


Step 1 Install earmuffs

Put the ear thermometer probe into the earmuff box, align the earmuff opening and press down, and hear a "click". The edge of the earmuff completely presses the disposable earmuff detection point at the bottom of the probe to complete the installation.

Step 2 Power-on self-test

Press the "Switch/Measure" key, the ear thermometer is turned on with a prompt sound, and the self-test starts. All icons on the screen are displayed during the self-test.

Step 3 measure ear temperature

When "---℃" appears on the screen, please fix the subject's head, gently pull the auricle, and move the probe horizontally into the ear canal and aim at the eardrum. Press the "Switch/Measure" key to start the measurement. For babies under 1 year old, please gently pull the auricle backward to keep the ear canal as straight as possible. For children over 1 year old and adults, please gently pull the auricle upward to keep the ear canal as straight as possible.

Step 4 Read the result

When the buzzer sounds, the temperature measurement ends and the screen displays the corresponding temperature. Note: The above steps are for use in non-silent mode. If the ear thermometer is in silent mode, the buzzer will be turned off and a silent icon will be added to the screen.



1. Contraindications: Please do not use it if there is inflammation, trauma, postoperative and other local lesions at the measurement site.
2. This product is only for monitoring and self-checking body temperature. It cannot be used for disease diagnosis. It is very dangerous for patients to make self-judgment and treatment based on the measurement results, so please follow the doctor's guidance.
3. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, please let the ear thermometer stand for more than 30 minutes in the measurement environment (temperature conforms to 10℃-40℃), and make it reach the equilibrium state before measuring.
4. Disposable earmuffs are for one-time use. Please replace with new earmuffs before measurement to ensure accurate measurement and prevent cross-infection.
5. When the tested person enters a warm room from the cold outside, swimming or bathing to make the ears moist, the temperature of the ear canal will be temporarily lower than the real temperature. Please wait 30 minutes before taking the measurement.
6. The temperature of the ear canal will be temporarily higher than the real temperature when the subject’s ears are covered with heat due to sleeping on his side, wearing earphones or hearing aids, and covering with long hair. Please wait 30 minutes before taking the measurement.
7. Subjects may cause body temperature fluctuations after intense exercise, crying, eating and other activities. It is recommended to keep quiet for at least 30 minutes before measurement.
8. Human body temperature fluctuates from time to time, and the body temperature collected in various parts will also be different. When observing changes in body temperature, it is recommended to measure and observe the same part more frequently.

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Xiaomi Mijia Ear Thermometer